How To Maximize A Healthy Day Everyday

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I often hear people say it is so hard to live a healthy lifestyle and the amount of work it takes to accomplish a healthy day, not to mention a healthy week. I use to be one of those people and I still struggle to live a healthy lifestyle. I find that it s not about being perfect or being the poster child but it is about simple steps day-by-day that will really help to create a habit that will lead into a lifestyle. 
If I could sum it up, I would say that I have been living a healthy life style for the past six years. By this I mean, I eat mostly organic, I work-out at a regularly, I engage in activities that enhance my health, and I constantly try to improve and educate myself as best as I can on how to live and practice more of a healthy lifestyle. Today, I am sharing with you five tips on how to maximize a healthy day everyday.
Tip one: Mediation is something I picked up in the last six months. Personal happenings led me to really delve into the beauty of this practice. I still consider myself a beginner but I can truly attest to the mental strength and growth I have experienced through meditation. There is no right way to get into meditation and I suggest that if this is something you have thought about, taken liking towards, that you embark on it. Mediation in the mornings is a great way to clam your mind and soul and to prepare yourself for the day ahead, especially if you live a busy life or your day is filled with hectic happenings. Here's a good starter, spend the first 10-15 minutes when you wake up in the mornings to meditate. Place your left hand at the center of your heart, place your right hand at the bottom of your stomach, breathe one hundred calm breaths while focusing on "Nothing". This will be really hard in your first few attempts, because your mind will wander, but as you continue to do it each morning, you get better and better.
Tip two: Eat breakfast, do not skip it. Breakfast is such an important meal that if you are going to skip any meal on any given day, it should not be breakfast. I get it, some people aren't breakfast eaters but, your body requires it. You may not feel for it especially if your body has grown accustomed to not having breakfast. It is super important since it really powers up the body each morning to take on a  productive day. There are easy ways to have a quick nutritious breakfast in the mornings. A smoothie, oatmeal, boils eggs, yogurt

Tip three: I know I said, do not skip breakfast, but also, do not skip lunch. It is so very easy to pack healthy on the go lunches such as elevĀte salads that there should be no excuses on skipping lunch. These salads are yummy and they boast clean ingredients which are high in omegas, are anti-oxidant rich, and includes plant based protein. You can easily grab one each morning on your way out or leave a few at work in the refrigerator if that is feasible. 
Tip four: Here we go, my favorite tip of the day. Yes, we all know we should be active but do we all really do it? Are we sincerely active? I do the minimum amount of workout to keep myself healthy. I work out 3 times per week at minimum and while that is good, I feel I should be pushing myself more. I urge you to do the same. I do know that sometimes, it is the daunting amounts of work that we have to do when we get home, that stops us from working out. One being, preparing dinner. Again, have pre-packed simple meals such as elevĀte salads that can really give you a quick, easy, and healthy meal, allowing you sometime for the gym or an at home workout. Some awesome benefits of elevate is that they carry USDA organic options, gluten free options, and vegan options. Everyone has a pick here. Life can be this simple and this healthy. 
Tip five: After a long day it is very important to relax the mind, relax your muscles and body and calm your selves down from the stressors of the day. I find it helpful to relax to a simple dinner, a lit candle and peace and quiet for a few minutes before bed. I also make goals for the following day while I am in this calming mood. This really helps me to structure my mind as to what I would like to accomplish the next day. Once I have made my goals, I enjoy the rest of my night by doing something that relaxes my mind and ease my way into a lovely nights rest. Try jotting your goals down for the following day and see how much it helps you mentally. 
Loves these elevate salads have become my go to recently and they are great to include in your diet to really help you kickstart or continue on a clean eating journey. elevĀte has 8 ready-to-eat superfood salads and you can find them at Costco in the fresh produce aisle in the salad section. It has never been easier to eat and feel great, and after eating one salad, you will feel positively inspired and uplifted. Oh yes!
As someone who is trying to live a healthy life not only on the inside but also on the outside, and my surroundings, I really appreciate that elevĀte packaging is fully recyable and printed with soy based ink. Yay for the environment too. 
To learn more about elevĀte visit their social channels here:  Facebook http://cbi.as/3rqmo, Twitter - http://cbi.as/3rqnd, and Instagram - http://cbi.as/3rqn- . 

I do hope these tips were useful to you loves.
Let me know some things you do to help you live a healthy daily lifestyle, I would love to try some.


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