Skincare: Day-in, Day-out Routine

Neutrogena Oil Free Make-up RemoverFacial WipesShea Moisture Black Soap, (See info for Liz Earle products below)

I usually clean my with face wipes before I wash my face with Shea Moisture soap bar. This helps to remove a good portion of make-up or dirt before washing with soap. If I have on a large amount of mascara I use the Neutrogena Eye Make-up remover to quickly swift it off and this helps with not having to do extra lathers. 

Shea Moisture Soap - I swear by this soap. It is super moisturizing and smells amazing.

Moisturizing your face and skin is very important to keep a healthy and radiant skin. 

These are some of my favorite body products. You can use organic coconut oil on both your face and your body. It is a very cheap option that has great benefits. I also love that the coconut oil is not greasy and really won't mess up your clothes, sheets and fabric couches. If you can't tell, I grease up after my showers. The water has so much chemicals in it, you have to really be careful and quench your skin. 
Trader Joes Organic Coconut Oil  or any organic option Organic Coconut Oil (If you can, go straight to the store and buy them. Trader Joe's is $5.99 in store, Costco also sells for about the same price), Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Bath, Body & Massage OilShea Moisture Argon Oil & Raw Shea Body Scrub 
I must admit, I am obsessed with all things Shea Moisture. I haven't used any of their products and was disappointed. Both their hair and body products are excellent. 

I am very picky about my face and skin in general. I use and do a variety of things to keep my skin glowing. My skin tend to get use to products easily so, in order to to remedy that, I switch in and out products. 
My morning routine is to wash with Shea Moisture African Black Soap. It is a very moisturizing soap and has an oh-so awesome natural aroma. After washing I moisturize and then apply my make up. 

My evening routine involves removing make-up/dirt build up from my face with cleansing cloths and then washing with Shea Moisture African Black Soap. I use the cleansing cloths so as to not lather my face too much. I then add my Liz Earle Skin Tonic boots and Moisturizer or coconut oil.

I do a microdemabraison treatment every 2 days using the Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabraison. It removes dead cells and clear up small facial marks caused by pimples etc. I usually use the origins overnight mask after each microdemabraison treatment because it is super moisturizing and my face will feel like a baby's bum the next morning.  The Vitamin C Moisturizer from the same family at body shop works just as perfect with the microdermabaison. 

I do a mask treatment once or twice per month using the Origins Charcoal Mask. This helps to clear my pores and leaves my skin feeling smooth and tight (slight botox in a bottle-hehe). I follow-up wit ice cubes to close my pores, then moisturize with coconut oil.

For my body I use a general body gel/soap (love Olay brand) or another Shea Moisture bar (different from the one I use on my face) and I do a body scrub at least twice per week then moisturize. I mostly use a body oil (such as one above) and the organic coconut oil. I rarely use regular lotion, I just feel like my skin gets more nourishment from body oils or coconut oil than regular lotion. 

*A few buying tips:
Buy Shea Moisture products from Target, Walgreens or CVS when they are on buy one get one free or Buy one get one 50% off. Stock up at that point. Killer savings!!!!!
Buy Origins products when they have SET sales. You can save up to $10 when you buy their products in sets. 
If you plan on buying or using Body Shop products, get a membership for $10 because qualifying purchases you get 10% off and you get points that leads to rewards and a $10 amount for your birthday. 

Thanks for reading guys.


Lace & Leather

Broken record on deck!!!! I love black, all black-you just cannot go wrong with all black. This outfit stands out because the mixture of fabrics, lace and leather. Adding a pop of color somewhere will always take your all black outfit to another level, depending on the event you are attending. For this outfit, I decided to pop on the shoes. You can also pop your lips, handbag/clutch, necklace etc. As long as you keep it simple, classy and add a few strut of confidence, you are good to go:)
Here is another similar   All Black Midi Affair all black option.

Top (old) Nasty Gal: Similar Here , Skirt: Tibi, Shoes: Aldo, Handbag, Via TJmaxx, Watch: Kate Spade, Bracelet (gifted): Kate Spade
Thank you for reading loves:)


30 days of Fitness-Work-Out Routine & Meal Plans

Hey guys,

Monday February 23rd we continue or begin our healthy journey. This is a support group for anyone who want to join. The meal and work-out plans are not exclusive but instead, a guide for whoever may need it. This is something that has worked for me based on my structure and needs. Find different things (health foods/recipes, work-outs) and just stick to a plan. Take things out, add things and make it yours. I suggest that if you do not recognize any of the exercises, just google or youtube them. The most important thing here is consistency and eating right (It is important to eat 4-5 small meals per day as suggested in the meal plan below). You do not have to kill yourself on the exercise, unless you are going to compete:) This is not an easy fix or a get me to perfection in one month type of idea. It is, instead, a journey that I hope could turn into a habit for all of us. I rarely weigh myself, I usually use my clothes as a guide because for me, the scale can be trivial and tell me I am pounds heavy when indeed those pounds could be muscle, which is great for burning fat and looking fit. We well conclude March 22, 2015. I will check in weekly and we will discuss what is working and what is not. 


Meal Plan

  2-4 Bold Egg Whites
  Egg White Omelet (spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms-olive oil)
  Smoothie (blackberries, banana, protein powder*, oatmeal, almond milk)
  Handfull cashews/almonds
  Peanut/Almond Butter & Apple

  Grilled/Baked Chicken & Kale Salad (Kale, olive oil, cucumber, lemon, honey)
  Turkey Tacos (Lettuce Shells)* Side: chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, cilantro
  Steak & Quinoa Salad
  Tofu Salad (tofu, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, sweet potato, quinoa, dressing)
  Chicken Sandwich (Ezekiel bread)
  Green Juice: 
            Kale, apples, ginger, lemon, coconut water
            Spinach, apple, ginger, cucumber, lemon, water
            Beet root, apples, carrots, celery, lime, ginger (this recipe is on my Facebook page)
  Green Salad
  Soup & Salad
  Quinoa Salad


Repeat 5 sets

Repeat 5 sets


Repeat 5 sets

Repeat Day 1

Repeat Day 2

Jumping Jacks-100
Jumping Jacks-150

Jumping Jacks- 200

Vertical Leg Crunches-25

Bicycle Crunches- 30


Push Ups-10

Chair Step-ups
15 each leg
Russian Twist-50


Walking Lunges 15- each leg

Russian Twist-60

Walking Lunges
15-each leg
Leg Lifts- 15 each leg or 30 double legs

Leg Criss-Cross -30 count

Push-up Rotations

Lunges-10 each leg

Heel Touch- 30 count

40 High Knees

Plank- 30 secs

Cool Down & Stretch
Cool Down & Stretch

Cool Down & Stretch

3 Sets
3 Sets
Arms & Shoulders
3 Sets
3 Sets
5 Minute Warm-up
5 Minute Treadmill

5 Minute Warm-up
5 Minute Treadmill

Lat Pull Down – 15reps
Leg Extension-15reps

Tricep Extension- 15reps

Seated Rows (10mins)

Bicep Curls-15reps
Platform Kicks-15reps

Cable Flies-15reps
Leg Press- 15reps

Lateral Raise-15reps
Cork Squats-15reps

Cable Bicep Curls-15reps
Hamstring Press-15reps

Assisted Dips-15reps
Cardio Class/Biking
Front Squats- 15 reps

Leg Raises-15 reps

Ab Roller- 15 reps

Seated Crunches-15 reps

Bicycle Crunches- 15reps

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