3 Items to Create An Easy Fall Makeup Glam

This post is in partnership with Walmart. All Opinions are 100% my own. 
Hey, there!
It’s only a few days before Fall/Autumn officially arrives and I am so excited. I decided to play around with some new Fall makeup from Walmart and I created this easy glam Fall makeup look that will look great on anyone.
I don’t usually wear my makeup heavy unless it is a special occasion. I love that with this look I could stay true to myself, yet felt completely different and new. Every Fall, I get so excited for change. I’m going to share with you how I achieved this makeup look and the products I used so let’s get into it.

The best part about my Fall glam is that I only incorporated a few products. I did my usual foundation routine, my brows as well as my eye shadow (loving this palette, it’s similar to the colors I’m wearing here). I went ahead and used this Cover Girl Perfect Point PLUS Eyeliner in Black Onyx to create a mini cat eye. This gives a bit of a dramatic feel. This pencil is super sleek and nicely pigmented it took 1 1/2 swipes to create my cat eye.
 I then went in on my cheeks with this beautiful Julep Skip The Brush Cream-To-Powder Blush Stick in color Desert Rose. I love a cream blush because it gives a nice glow and I don’t need a brush to apply or a highlighter over it after. I also love that It comes in two other colors. 

To top it off, I got this gorgeous rich NYX Professional Makeup Pin-Up Pout Lipstick in color Flashy. Oh my gosh, I’ve worn it a few times already. I love this color, reds are great for Fall but I decided to try out this  deep purple shade and I’m pleased to add it to my collection. There are about ten (10) more shades in this collection so everyone has a choice based on preference. 
I pulled it all together by applying my magnetic lashes (love these here). Magnetic lashes are such a fun way to add that extra glam and is great for folks with eye allergies to glue etc. Plus they are reusable and last a long time. 

I hope you enjoyed this Fall Makeup Glam look and that you'll try it or something similar. Walmart has so many makeup and Beauty options to create any Fall look you are going for. Be it dramatic, natural, semi, or simple. A fall beauty look doesn't need to be makeup either. It can be a change in your nail polish color too. I'm loving this Sally Hansen Inta-Dri 3.0 Just-In-Wine and this essie Nail Polish in Berry Naughty. Check out Walmart's beauty section and get lost in the wide range of items and prices. Tag me on Instagram in your Fall looks.



How To Prep Your Face For a Flight + What To Pack

This post is in partnership with Olay. All Opinions are 100% my own. 
 Hey there, everyone! 
I'm heading out fo town in a couple of days and wanted to share with you how I prepare my skin for a flight and what to pack. I often do insta stories of my no-makeup flying look, sometimes masks or mists I bring with me to hydrate and energize my skin while flying. It's one of the most crucial times to ensure your skincare game is up to par. Air travel can leave your skin in dire need of hydration. What'e even worse is if you have a cocktail or soda while flying. No matter the distance or mode of travel, it is so important to moisturize as best as possible. I want to share with you why this Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream is one of the best creams for travel (air, sea or land). 

It is rich in moisture and hydration. It is great for normal to dry skin. I have combination skin and it does wonders when I travel. I may get a little oily in my t-zone but that's nothing a little blotting cloth/paper can't fix. I also love the luxurious feeling I get from it. It's very much comparable to super high-end luxury creams I have used in past. Did you know that Olay Red Jars are better than 131 products across 12 different countries? This includes some of our favorite beauty driven countries such as Korea and France. 

The Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream also visibly firms my skin and softens the look of fine lines. It's packed with Vitamin B3 and Amino-Peptide Complex II. 
Here's my skin prep:
1. Throughly cleanse face
2. Use a Toner or Mist (I love this one from Olay)
3. Throughly moisture with Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream 

Additional Items to pack or have handy:
Lip balm
Hand Sanitizer
 I also carry my Olay Regenerist Whip Face Moisturizer whenever I travel. I use it to moisturize and it serves also as a primer. It is one less thing I have to carry; I love the two-in-one use I get from it. It is so light on my skin and it is perfect for oily and combination skin. Like the Micro-Sculpting Cream, it also has a lot of Vitamin B3 which regenerates surface cells and softens the skin and, Amino-Peptide Complex II which helps improves elasticity, smoothness and firmness. 

Fun Fact: Each of Olay Red Jar creams contains as much Vitamin B3 as 2500 cups of Kale. Talk about treating your skin, right?!

See below a video I made to show you how easy it is to apply. I hope you enjoy. 




Caftan For All Year Round

Hey guys!
I absolutely love Caftans, They are so comfortable and roomy. I do own quite a few that I tend to wear around the house, on the weekends for grocery or casual errands runs, the pool and beach. I just find them so versatile. I can put on a pair of  skinny jeans under them or leggings and be on my way any day. I wanted to share this one with you and also some of the others I own and are loving right now. 
I've linked them all in the widget below. 



Breastfeeding Awareness Month + Preparing Myself For Breastfeeding With Walmart

This post is in Partnership with Walmart, all opinions are 100% my own. 
 Hi Everyone!
Did you know that August is Breast Feeding Awareness Month?! Since becoming pregnant, I have engulfed myself to stay in the know on all things mommy and baby. I also found out that Walmart would be supporting this national event with amazing deals on breast feeding items. This definitely meant I had to grab a few things while it was happening and learn as much as I can about the journey of breast feeding. I ended up purchasing a few things and to be honest, I did most of my purchases based on all the amazing mommy reviews under the products. I was so happy to see all the reviews which made me so much more confident to purchase these items. It actually felt like a support community. 
So, let's get into some of the items I got. 

I plan on breastfeeding my little girl when she comes and I hope it will be a smooth process:) This Lansinoh Disposable Stay Dry Nursing Pads is said to be great for both capturing leakage while not bulging underneath clothing. I also asked a few other mommy friends and they said they loved it because it didn't make them itch compared to others. I got the 100ct and I happy to know I have this part covered for my upcoming journey. 

I absolutely love Earth Mama products. I have drank their teas and used their SPF before and so this gave me confidence to get this Organic Nipple Butter for Breastfeeding and Dry Skin. I decided get this because my breast has gotten dry and dryer since my pregnancy. It's been a relief so far and it smells amazing.  Also, hello Organic!!! I'll definitely continue to use it when the baby arrives as it will be just as safe on my breast for her. Oh,  I've also suffered extremely dry lips so I use it on my lips as little balm and it's great. 
Ok guys, I am winning on this Wynette By Valmont Maternity To Nursing Soft Cup Bra. It comes in a set of two and also colors black and white. It is super soft, great for lounging and sleeping in because hello tender breast! It has been such a great adjustment for me to transition out of my regular bras into these. I have excellent support and I love that the straps aren't wide like most nursing bras. If you plan on getting these, make sure you order a size up. 

 Last but not least, I got this Lansinoh Nipple Cream For Breast Feeding. Since I am currently using Earth Mama on my lips as well, I wanted to try out another nipple cream and this had such excellent reviews I couldn't resist. It's supposed to be great for relieving pain especially after the baby is done suckling or mama is done pumping. I plan on doing both so this way my husband gets to feed her, too. 
I found these items to be super inexpensive and efficient. I'm all about being prepared for my baby girl's arrival in a few months. I'll definitely be back on Walmart.com stocking up on other must haves as I go along this pregnancy. I've also got my eyes on this electric steam sterilizer, this natural baby bottle pink set, and this fragrance free baby wipes. I hear they are all great to have on hand. If you have any recommendations for this first time mama, please do let me know. 

Thanks for reading, Loves!



Summer Beauty Products I'm Obsessed With From Walmart

This post is in partnership with Walmart. All Opinions are 100% my own. 
Hi Guys!
I wanted to share this post with you today about some of the beauty products I am living for and loving this summer form Walmart. I'm obsessed with skincare and finding the products I love in one place is so important to me. My vision of beauty goes way beyond what I use on my skin. It's a mixture of self-love, female empowerment, and inclusivity. These are some of the things makes me feel beautiful, to celebrate other women from all backgrounds while loving myself and my own uniqueness. 

Every time I log on or visit Walmart.com beauty section, I see how much more inclusive they are becoming. It makes me so excited and also inclined to shop more. This summer I have been loving these products along with a few not pictured here that I got from Walmart. So let's get into each of them and let me tell you why I love them. 
It's no secret I'm a big fan of Olay. This Olay Sun Face Sunscreen + Shine Control, SPF 35 has been my holy grail for SPF this summer. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and not sticky at all. It also serves as a lovely light base primer under my make-up. This is so important to me during the summer because I always want to wear as little as possible but to be able to look as good as possible.  
Moving on to this beautyblender Original Makeup Sponge Pro in Black. So, quick confession here is that I used to buy super cheap ones at the one dollar store. I decided to give this one a try and let me tell you, it made such a big difference. My make up glides on beautifully using this sponge and sets so much better. I also have it in the pink, too. 
Alrighty, let's talk mascara. I love a good mascara that does the job right. I've been using two mascaras all summer long and this one, L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Washable Mascara, is my favorite. Check out the difference between my left and right eye where I'm wearing this mascara with and without. Amazing right?!
Finally, this Biodemra Sensibio H2O Micellar Cleansing Water and Makeup Remover  is so fresh and light on my skin while getting the job done. As I mentioned before, during the summer, I love when my skin feel as fresh as possible. Be if from a shower or to the skincare and makeup I use. This cleansing water and makeup remover is so light and removes all impurity of a days make up. Whenever I am done, my face feels like I just go out of the shower. 

I hope this post was useful for you guys. Let me know what summer beauty products you got from Walmart.com that you are loving too. Share in the comment below so we can all try them out. 



Swimsuits For Moms-To-Be

Hey guys!
I'm currently in my second trimester and being that it is summer, I did not want to miss out on swimsuit days. Ah, that second trimester energy is so real and I am feeling so good. I got to spend a weekend in The Hamptons with The Knot and it felt like my first little vacation since becoming pregnant. Honestly, loved that I could bulge around with my little tummy and for the first time I didn't have to think about sucking it in. Ha!
Here are some of my favorite swimsuits for mamas to be. They are linked in the widget below. 

Hope your summer have been great. 
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