You Need This Folding/Drying Rack For Your Kitchen

Hi Guys,
I'm  so excited to share this home post with you especially because I will be talking about an item and I now cannot live without in my kitchen. It's this lovely Stainless Steel Folding Rack from True Shop Co. I've been using it for about three months now and let me tell you, I cannot imagine what my life was like without it before. It's such a multi-functional piece and serves so many purposes. It's sturdy and looks beautiful in my kitchen. 
It goes over the sink whether you have a one or double hole sink. You can place it horizontally or vertically depending on your sink and it's under $25. An inexpensive item that adds value to my life, yes please. 
It is multi-functional in the sense that I  use it as a drain for my dishes including pots and pans, vegetables, meats, fruits, flowers and I also use it on my counter when I have a hot pot or serving pan. It helps to break heat barrier off my countertop. My kitchen is still new to me since we completed renovation back in February so I am very careful with my quarts countertop. 
This Stainless Steel Folding Rack from True Shop is the real deal and does the job. Often I am not quite ready to load of my dishwasher or I may only have a few items so I'll simply hand-wash them and put them on the Folding/Drying Rack. It also helps that it sits over the sink I don't need to put things down in the sink to dry. Additionally, it somehow gives me extra counter space. Whenever I am cooking and washing my vegetables or fruits, I just put them on the Rack, run the pipe, and leave it there to dry. I just love this this Folding Rack

I hope you found this post useful and I promise you will LOVE this Folding/Drying Rack in your kitchen as much as I love mine. Let me know if you end up getting one and how you like it. 


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