Kayarize Dashiki

 Happy Monday loves!
I'm so excited to share this look with you wearing this beautiful dashiki mini dress from Kayarzie . They sell some beautiful African print dresses and this was one of my absolute favorite. It's hard to find a chic African print dress unless you know someone who can make you one. I loved that I could easily jump on their website and order exactly what I wanted. I do recommend that you size up on this dress or check their sizing chart on their website. 

A traditional dashiki might be a bit loose but I wanted to be flirty and sexy and that was exactly how I felt wearing this pretty little number. I easily paired it with these burgundy pumps and of course, my sunnies. A wristlet, clutch, or full handbag would do just fine to finish it off. 

I hope you enjoyed this dress and how I wore it. I'll be sharing another dress from Kayarize later this week so stop by to see it. 
Have a great day loves

Thank you Kayarize for partnering with me on this post. 



Maximum Comfort In Cuddl Duds

Hi there loves!
Hope you are all doing well. Today's post is all about comfort while remaining chic. You all know I love a good pair of heels but when it comes to being comfortable I am very picky and resilient about what I choose to wear. There are days such as errands days, grocery store runs, quick grab and go, that I fully appreciate and need my ultimate comfort, and I love wearing Cuddl Duds pieces that does just that for me. 
Saturdays are my errands days and my grocery store is conveniently located next to a Kohl's which is perfect because I can easily run into Kohl's, head to the intimate section, and grab myself a piece of Cuddl Duds layers or a full outfit like I am wearing here. I love wearing them because they are soft, light, and extremely comfortable. It's as if you are clothed in your own skin. The eas and comfort of Cuddl Duds is simply amazing. 
I'm all about my comfort, even at home enjoying a hot cup of coffee, I still wear my Cudl Duds. These socks are super soft, warm, and filled with cushion. They are perfect for the season. I even purchased a few extras to extend as gifts for the upcoming holidays. 

I had to make a quick stop on my way to the farmers market and took some shots to share with you all. I'm at maximum comfort, maximum confidence, and I still look chic. These pieces are also perfect layers for those of you living in cold temperatures. They are so light they will easily camouflage under your clothing. I suggest you head to Kohl's right now and #GoComfy. Let me know how you like your new Cuddl Duds pieces. I have a feeling you will not be able to get out of them. 

Thanks for swinging by loves



Adding Moisture & Shine With Moroccanoil Hair Care

Hi there Loves!
In today's post I'm sharing with you how I take care of my hair. Hair care is something that I started taking seriously three years ago. Three years ago I decided to go natural and rid my hair of perms. Best Decision Ever!
I'm very particular about what I use on my natural hair and when I learned about Moroccanoil hair care line, I quickly asked my sister (who has the most beautiful head of natural hair) if she had used them before. She gave me excellent reviews and then I decided to try them myself. 

After the humid summer we have had and the fact that I have neglected my hair due to traveling and projects, discovering Moroccan Oil has been exceptional and I really love that ALL of their products are infused with antioxidant-rich organ oil.  
I begin by soaking my hair in water and applying the Hydrating Shampoo which has so many good ingredients and none of the horrible sulfate stuff present in most shampoos. This one is super moisturizing and hydrating in every sense of the word. 
After rinsing the shampoo, I add the Hydrating Conditioner, I let it sit for 3 mins, detangle, and then rinse. 
I then pat dry my hair and added this Intense Hydrating Mask for about five minutes under my shower/steam cap. I rinse it and then comb and detangle my hair. By this time my hair is pretty manageable.  

I then add the Styling Cream and blow dry my hair. I could feel the amazing difference with this leave-in. I do not often use a single line when taking care of my hair. I generally mix products, but I could feel a major difference as I stuck to all Moroccanoil products to help add extensive moisture back to my hair. 

I haven't tried the Dry Shampoo as yet but I know it will be making it's way into my into my suitcase as I travel and a quick fix on days when I really need a clean. 

I would love for you all to share your hair care tips with me. Have you Tried Moroccanoil or will you try it?

Happy mid-week



Stylish, Affordable & Trendy Fashion With JCPenney

 Happy Monday Loves!
I'm so excited to share with you this very chic look brought to you in collaboration with JCPenney, one of my favorite department stores to shop. For those of who have been reading my blog since I started, you know I love to mix high-low fashion. I look to my bags and shoes to be on the high end (most times) and my clothing and accessories on the lower end. This is why I love JCPenney, it is the perfect one-stop shop for affordable fashion plus their beauty, home, and other departments are just as reasonably impeccable. For someone like myself and many of you, who operates a very busy schedule, JCPenney makes shopping around so much easier and quicker and is totally #SoWorthIt. 

This Bisou Bisou® top is currently $29.99 (a 45% discount) and this Worthington® Pleated Faux Leather Midi skirt is also only $27.99 (41% discount) and they are both from JCPenney's womens collection. I am sure you can tell the pristine quality on these very affordable pieces. Most times I get compliments on what I am wearing, my response is usually "It's from JCPenney, and It was only X amount" people always gasp in awe and disbelief. My motto is quality over quantity and knowing exactly where to shop for quality. 
I decided to pair my top with leopard pumps and add a contrast color with my green handbag. I made my way to work and then later to an event. I love looks like these because they take you from day to night quite easily. Plus this is a cute date night option and for you gorgeous moms who like to dress modestly, this the outfit for you.
If I wanted to be casual, I would simply add ankle boots and a cross body bag, put my hair in a ponytail and I am good to go. I also plan to wear this skirt with a plain white t-shirt and my converse and to wear this top with skinny jeans and ballet flats. There are unlimited options to styling these two affordable pieces loves, take my word and thank me later. 
I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed creating it and sharing it with you. Let me know what you plan to get at JCPenney the next time you go to shop. Also, if you are busy bee, hop onto their website and just take the modern day advantage of online shopping right from your phone or desk. Ha! Oh, and check out their coupons, there is almost always some type of coupon available to shop. 
Thank you for swinging by loves
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