What I Wore In Paris

Happy Monday loves and Hello October!!!
So excited to share this post with you all on what I wore while I was in Paris. My stay was very short but nonetheless an amazing time. If you haven't seen my first post of my Paris Photo Diary, then click here
Visiting London, Poland, and Paris was quite an eventful journey during the summer. It got complicated at times considering I was mostly visiting family and traveling with my cousins and my guy. I have to say though, they are the best travel companions a girl could ever ask for. They are easy, no fuss, an ever accommodating. As a blogger, it seems to always be about YOU wherever YOU go and thankfully my guy is extremely patient, helpful, and an awesome photographer if I may say so myself. My cousin always made sure my hair and clothing were in their right place and helped me to scout cool spots. I know, this post isn't about that but I just wanted to say and let you know the reality of bringing what seem so easy and simple photos, to life in this blog post. 

So, on with it already. Here are the two looks I wore in Paris. First up is this sleek off-the-shoulder lace top, cream wide legged trousers, Chanel flats, and Chanel flap. Paris is a romantic city and I wanted to incorporate textures that correlated to that. Lace is definitely the perfect texture for romance. Added to that I had to wear Chanel, I mean where were we?! 
My obsession with Chanel (although a very small collection) stems from my love of Parisian history and the beauty, diligence, and genius of Mademoiselle Gabrielle Chanel. 
We had lunch at Firmin le Barbier just under 1/2 a mile form the Eiffel Tower and the food was just excellent. After eating we walked and stumbled upon this cozy street and as soon as I spotted the beautiful green-blue door, I knew I had to snap a few photos here. 
Obligatory Eiffel Tower shot. 
He made a debut on my blog (can you spot us?)
After going about the city to see some of the monuments (see this post) we went to Laduree a MUST stop if you are in Paris and if you love macaroons or pastry in general. I just had to,  and I was satisfiying. Inside smelled divine and the perfect place for the sweet-of-tooth. We were not allowed to take photos inside but somehow my guy got his way and snuck a few pictures in. 
The outside of Laduree was even more beautiful and served as the perfect backdrop for my outfit.
I wore this beautiful blue floral dress for dinner, sleeked my hair back, and popped on some red lips. I knew it was going to be hot and I knew I wanted to wear a dramatic casual look while in Paris. Of course my style is mostly clean-minimalist so you should have expected this. Hehe!
I cannot remember the name of this restaurant but it was close to Gare du Nord station. I'm usually good at writing down or saving receipts of places to let you guys know but for some reason I lost my rockers here. I'll  update this post if I find a receipt or some miraculos way to remember the name. 
As you can tell, the decor was quite the Parisian delight and I was so excited when the server said I could go about and take pictures while we waited for our order.

I so hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoy writing and reliving the memories.
As always loves, thank you for reading. You visiting and checking in on my blog really keeps me going and wanting to share more with you. 


  1. Really stylish

  2. Girl, you are so stylish!! It looks like you had an amazing time in Pariii!

  3. I think you look so beautiful and chic on both looks!! You can tell you had a great time and that you are happy babe!! loved it! Love ya sis!



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