Paris Photo Diary

Happy Monday loves!
Today's post is a part 1 of 2 parts post of my trip to Paris, France last month. I had so many photos so I decided to break them up into Fashion and Travel photos. After going through mountainous amounts of pictures, these are the ones I filtered down to and I do hope you enjoy. I will talk more about what I did while in Paris on the next post. Of course I had to make the main picture of this post, the Eiffel Tower aka the Iron Lady. Most of the pictures here were taken as we hopped on and off the sight seeing buses. We opted to use this mode to see the main attractions as it was easy and practical. I would definitely recommend that for seeing the major landmarks. 
'Since London was our home base while in Europe, we took the Eurostar into Paris which was only a    2 1/2 hr ride. I was super excited to take the train to Paris because they have a guidebook that tells you at what time exactly the train will pass by picturesque towns etc. Needless to say, my excitement turn into tiredness and I just could not keep up. I had been going and going every single day and I literally fell asleep after snapping this photo. Haha!
The architecture in Paris is pretty much the same like that of England and similar to the other parts of Europe that I have seen. Paris is much smaller than London and has a really intimate vibe if we are to compare both cities. It does have the city feel with the hustle an bustle nonetheless. 
The Pantheon
The streets of Paris are small and witty filled with a soft vibrant energy. 
A lovely photo of Du Louvre. It was so busy and packed with tourists. 

Captured the beautiful Seine River. One of the wonderful things about Paris is the the Seine River and it runs like a main street. You can never get lost once you look for the river. It breaks the city in half and serves as the perfect landmark, if you will. 
The Arc De Triomphe was magically beautiful and picturesque. 
We stopped by the Eiffel Tower and snapped photos, people watch, and hung out by the park. We also enjoyed a yummy lunch at a cafe. I will share more Eiffel Tower pictures in the next post. 
A shot of  Place de la Concorde and the Roue De Paris (questionable as I wasn't sure if it was the real one or a replica) and the Obelisk. 
Hope you enjoy the photos diary and stay tuned for the next post later this week. 


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