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This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY. All opinions are 100% my own. 
 Hi Loves!
Ah, I cannot believe our little peanut will be here soon. I feel like time is flying by so fast. I remember finding out we were pregnant and feeling like wow we've got a long way to go. As my second trimester came to an end, I figured, it's time to get the baby registry going and so we did. Lincoln and I spent a few evenings picking out items for our baby registry online at buybuy BABY. We were a little confused and unsure about a few things and decided to set up an appointment to go in and see for ourselves. Thankfully we did because we learned so much. Our consultant spent about 1.5 hours with us as we went through the aisle. She helped us decide on items that would fit our lifestyle, ones that came highly recommend and, customer faves. We are trying our to best to be intentional about what we really need, when we'll need it, and how much we need and she really helped us narrowed everything down. We touched, felt, tried on, and saw most of the items we wanted in store. It was also so clean and organized that we felt confident after and told our consultant, we will stay another hour after our appointment was over. There were just so many amazing baby brands and selections for us to choose from, we really wanted to take our time and do it right. Our registry comprises of items that we know fit our lifestyle and our home. We want it to be suitable and perfect for #BabyOli. Once we were done scoping everything out, we met our consultant at the registry desk to finalize what we had on our list. We can continue to add items as we go along in store or online and I love that option. We've been doing so as we learn of or realize there is something else we'll need. We also got a free goody bag with actual useful samples. Also, whatever is remaining on our registry, we get 15% off the items. Oh and free shipping for a full year if your registry exceeds $1500 (restrictions apply). 
Continue reading to some shots of shopping in store and some of the items we put on our registry as well as ones we've have already received. 
 Here are some items we've gotten so far:

1. DockATot® Deluxe+ Dock in Pristine White. I've gotten so many recommendations on this an dhow much it helps baby to sleep so it was at the top of my list. Glad we got it and it's ready and waiting for our baby girl. 

2. 4moms® mamaRoo® 4 Cool Mesh Infant Seat in Dark Grey. Again, another highly recommended item that I am excited to use and hope our baby girl will love it too. It has bluetooth capability, interactive rattles, reclines, and it rocks the baby around in comforting motions. I love the meshed fabric especially for us living in California and will help to keep her cool and comfortable. 

3. Munchkin® STEP™ Diaper Pail Powered by Arm & Hammer®. What sold me on this was that it traps diaper scent. We want her nursery space to be comfortable for all of us and so this was a must. We stocked up on the Soda Cartridge and Pail Refills too. 

4. Safety 1st® HD WiFi Baby Monitor with Sound/Movement Detecting Audio Unit in White. We definitely had to have a video monitoring system. Our consultant in store really helped us narrowed it down to this one. We feel confident that we picked the right one for us. We are excited about this because when my husband goes back to work, he'll be able to check in and see and hear her. Also, most of our friends and family live internationally and with this we can give them temporary access to see and hear her. I also love that it's easy to check in on a phone. I mean, almost everyone has a smart phone. 

5. BRITAX Backseat Mirror. We got two sets of this for both of our cars. It's important for us to be able to safely see her while driving. We also loved that it's shatter proof for additional safety. 

6. Safety 1st® 2-Pack Deluxe RollerShade. We also got two sets of these for both vehicles because the California sun can be brutal. We want her to be comfortable and any shade to block some sun rays makes me happy. I also like that it offers push-button release. 

7. Burt's Bees Baby® 100% Organic Cotton Knit Terry Changing Pad Cover in Cloud. I love that this changing table cover is organic. I'm trying to my best to use a good balance of some organic products and items on our baby girl. I saw this and I knew I had to have it. I got three of these. 

8. Burt's Bees Baby® Alphabet Bee Organic Cotton Changing Pad Cover in Grey This is the same organic changing pad cover as the one above but in a different color. I actually got three of these as well. I love Burt's Bees Brand and pretty much everything they make. I was happy to see that buybuy BABY carried this brand. 

9. Just Born® Keepsake Deer Plush Toy in Ivory. There are so many toys to pick from but something about the crisp white color and that cute little bow made my heart smile. I had to put it on the registry. 

10. Colgate Memory Foam 3-Sided Contour Changing Pad (not pictured). I also got this changing pad, for which I got the covers I mentioned above. I completely forgot to take a few pictures of it. but I love how soft yet firm it feels. I also love the 3-sided contour which will be great in comfortable while changing her. 

11. Leachco® Snoogle® Chic Jersey Total Body Pillow in Heather Grey (not pictured). I'm now in my third trimester and literally a day after my 24 weeks mark, my whole body started to feel a drastic change. My back pain and stomach cramps intensified and I knew it was time for this body pillow. It's been a life saver for me. I love wrapping myself into it. My only drawback is that it takes up a lot of space on our bed because we have a queen. I'm totally fine with it though because it gets the job done:)

I feel so much better now that we've gotten some of the items out of the way. We're still adding more stuff to our registry as we go along and we'll have everything added by the time of our baby shower next month. We thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend buybuy BABY as the registry option for new parents. 
Let me know if there are any other must haves I am missing. Thanks for reading, loves.



Gingham Dress For Fall

Happy Fall, Loves.
It's my favorite time of the year and I am so excited for all pumpkin things, spiced things, vanilla things, plaid things, all of it!!!!!!
Living in Southern California comes with a little bit of a set back when it comes to Fall, though. As far as the weather is concern, we usually don't start cooling down until about mid November and even then it's still so warm sometimes.
I wore this dress during the summer and was a little warm in it. I figured it'll be more suitable for Fall. It doesn't matter what region or temperature because it can be dressed up with OTK boots and a coat or simple ballet flats or ankle boots, and a sweater for warmer weather. I sourced and found many other affordable options at different price points in the widget below.



Friends & Family Baby Essentials Recommendations From Walmart

This post is in partnership with Walmart. All opinions are 100% my own. 
Hi Guys!
I wanted to share this post with you after talking to my friends and family about baby essentials and where I should buy them. Being a first time mom-to-be, it's definitely overwhelming figuring out and deciding what I need, where to buy it and, how much to spend. Luckily I have an amazing circle of family and friends I can count on. As #BabyOli's arrival inches closer and closer, being prepared is of utmost importance right now. I'm also trying to be prepared as early as possibly so that in the last few weeks I am not stressing myself out. I've been getting things here and there and so, for today's post I wanted to share three essentials that my friends and family have recommend I get from Walmart

First up is this Delta Children Harbor Changing Table in White. One of my girlfriends recommended this table because she is currently using it for her baby and is loving it. She has it in brown but I opt for the white. I feels study and has a lovely finish. 

Next is this Baby Nursery Collapsible Storage Totes / Bins 2-Pack in Grey by The Peanut Shell. I was looking around for storage considering that we will split the baby's room into both a mini nursery and guest room. I wanted to be able to have a few portable options just incase we have guest/s over I can easily transport some of her things into to our room. I love how soft and plush these storage totes are. They come in a few other colors too...Blue here, Pink here, Purple here. It was super easy to assemble and surprisingly they hold a lot of stuff. 

And lastly, this The First Years Sure Comfort Newborn to Toddler Baby Bath Tub Infant Bath Tub White. My cousin was adamant that this will serve me and #BabyOli well. She'd used it for her little girl and loved it. I got mine in white but it also comes in Teal and Pink

Walmart is currently having their Best of Baby Month online at walmart.com where you can shop so many amazing savings from 09/01-09/30/2019. It's like a mini Black Friday with similar and better savings. I still have a few more days to shop these savings and I have my eyes on this Free $50 Gift Card with Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor and this Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible High Chair, in Nyssa which are both major savings. The only reason I haven't gotten the high chair as yet is because we are contemplating space to store it in our tiny condo until she is of age to use it. However, definitely get it if your baby is close to or ready to use a high chair. The Owlet Sock has so many great reviews and moms all over love it. It's usually pricey so I love that a $50 gift card is attached to a purchase of it. 

Hope you found this post useful, Loves. I'll be back with more baby updates etc so keep coming back and checking out my blog. Also, don't forget to subscribe. 



Whites For Fall

Hey guys,
Let’s talk white for Fall and the many shades that are trending. This shows the fashion faux pas that white after labor is absolutely ancient and should never been said again.
Yes, I get it, we do like to keep things consistent with the season and, I do that too but whites, creams and beiges are just such beautiful staple colors and they are perfect for all year round. This Fall, I’ve seen many shades of creams and I’m loving it. No matter your dress style or taste. There’s something out there for you if you are planning on refreshing a few pieces in your wardrobe. Before you go shopping, don’t forget to shop your own wardrobe especially that many of us have stashed our sweaters and cozy pieces as soon as winter was coming to an end. I suggests you do that first and then come back and check out some of these amazing and affordable pieces I’ve recommended below.

Here are my recommendations on whites, creams, and beiges to refresh your Fall closet:



Pants & Denim





I hope you go ahead and clean, organize and shop your closet, them pick one or a few of these pieces to enhance your Fall looks.

Thanks for reading, Loves.

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