Swimsuits For Moms-To-Be

Hey guys!
I'm currently in my second trimester and being that it is summer, I did not want to miss out on swimsuit days. Ah, that second trimester energy is so real and I am feeling so good. I got to spend a weekend in The Hamptons with The Knot and it felt like my first little vacation since becoming pregnant. Honestly, loved that I could bulge around with my little tummy and for the first time I didn't have to think about sucking it in. Ha!
Here are some of my favorite swimsuits for mamas to be. They are linked in the widget below. 

Hope your summer have been great. 


Yes To The Dress//My Beautiful Maison Signore Wedding Dress From Kleinfeld

Hi guys, so I’m finally sharing my wedding dress details with you all. This is it, this is my dream dress from Kleinfeld and the designer is Maison Signore. So here’s how I chose the dress.
Last August, I went into Kleinfeld for my first try on. Shay was my consultant and he pulled 5 dresses for me to try on. This was the first dress I tried on and oddly I knew in my heart it was THE ONE. Every other dress I tried on, I kept thinking about this dress. After trying on the fifth dress, I couldn’t wait to try this one on again. I did and it felt RIGHT. It felt so right that I started crying. I never thought I would have cried trying on a wedding dress.
What I loved about this dress was that it moved beautifully with me. It was easy to walk in, sit in, stand in, and move around in. I walked through Kleinfeld hallways gliding and catching myself at every glimpse in a mirror.

I felt beautiful, classic, and timeless in this dress. I really wanted a dress that would stand the test of time. I want to be able to look at my photos 60 years later and feel the same. I’m pretty sure I will. I had a destination wedding and I knew I was going to walk out of a castle, I needed my dress to feel somewhat princess-like but also moveable. Well, I did make my way down those castle stairs and, luckily I didn’t trip because I was so nervous and filled with joy all at once.

Originally, this dress only came in white and I really wanted Ivory. Thankfully the Kleinfeld team worked their magic and the folks at Maison Signore decided to make the dress for me in Ivory. It looks white in the photos but it's actually a subtle Ivory. I added an additional three feet of train and appliqués to it to suit exactly how I wanted it to look and feel. My favorite part of the dress has to be the waistline. It really shaped my upper silhouette and even made my waist smaller. There’s a clear clean beautiful divide between the chest and waistline of my dress and I loved that.

It was PERFECT! I glided down the aisle feeling beautiful, comfortable and graceful. I feel so lucky to have gotten the chance to shop my wedding dress and the most famous wedding boutique in the world and to wear an Italian handmade, Maison Signore dress. My veil is also from Kleinfeld. 

Scroll to the bottom to see what the dressed looked like the first time I tried it on in the store. 

I hope you enjoy the photos, loves.
My Bridesmaids dresses were also from Kleinfeld, you can read that post here. Also, incased you missed some of the other dresses I tried on at Kleinfeld, you can read that post here and the bridesmaids dresses that didn’t make the cut here.



We Are Pregnant

Hey loves!
Ahh, finally I can share this exciting news that my husband and I are pregnant and expecting our first child. We are so so excited for this amazing blessing and we’re ready to fully take on the role of being a mom and a dad. The past few weeks have been a little hard for me as my body was starting to adjust to growing a baby. I’ve also had to adjust myself to this new chapter. It’s been amazing nonetheless and I cannot wait to share this journey with you, all.

Stay turned for an update on how we found out and also my first trimester journey.

My dress is from WhoWhatWear available at Target. It comes in black as well and you can shop it here. These sandals are pretty much sold out everywhere but found it here.



What I Wore On My South African Safari Honeymoon

Hi Guys!
Today's post is about my outfits I wore on the Safari during my honeymoon. Whenever I plan to travel, I always check what the weather will be like and decide what to pack based on that. Aside from the weather, there may also be other aspects that encourage what I pack. Being that I was going to be on a safari I really wanted my looks to be chill, a bit earthly, and chic. I knew the weather was going to be a little snippy in the early morning for rides so I maximized my husband wardrobe too. Ha! I knew I could wear his green Diesel jacket which was such a great safari vibe item (similar here) and Ralph Lauren Denim jacket (similar here). I planned my outfits around those two staple pieces. 
All the items I packed for the safari were very comfortable and functional especially, my pair of white sneakers I got from Zara in London back in February. Here's a similar pair
My fanny pack was also important because it left my hands free to take photos and videos with my cellphone and camera plus, I could always have it on me. A good neutral pair of sunnies was also a very important part of my wardrobe. Oh, and cute swimwear.
I've linked some of the items I wore plus similar items to ones not available anymore on the widgets below throughout this post. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for tour of the villa we stayed at on the Safari.


Honeymoon Part 1 At Kapama Private Game Reserve: The Best Way To Experience Wild Animals In South Africa

Today’s post is a special one for me. I’m sharing details of where we stayed for the first half of our honeymoon in South Africa. We stayed at a Private Game Reserve called Kapama Private Game Reserve located in Hoedspruit South Africa. We wanted to experience the wild, see animals in their natural habitat and enjoy a true safe and luxurious safari. We got exactly that and more. Before we went, I figured I would just go out and see the animals once or twice but was I wrong? Seeing all the beautiful animals was such a beautiful experience that we went out on 7 of our 8 rides. A ride happens twice a day at Kapama, once at 6:15am and the other at 4:30pm. Each ride last for 3hours. We go out with a ranger and a spotter to look for wild animals in their natural habitat. On our first evening we saw Zebras, Giraffes, Lions, Buffaloes and Impalas. Impalas are an every day sighting by the way. The main thing is that everyone wants to see the big 5- Lions, Rhinos, Elephants, Leopard, and Buffaloes. We saw all 5! 

The rides work like this...the ranger drives and the spotter sits at the front end of the van. They are both trained to look, listen, hear and feel which animals are close by, have been around or may be heading a certain way. It was amazing to see and experience. They showed us tracks on the ground, branches and how they were broken, sounds of animals calls or simply looking how other animals have reacted on the onset. With this type of intelligence we were almost always able to spot the animal near by. The rangers continuously radio each other because the property is HUGE. If another ranger in another vehicle with other tourists spots a certain animal (especially one of the big 5), they will radio out and we will drive towards it. Luckily on a private game reserve, it’s never crowed and only a certain amount of vehicles are allowed around the animals. The intention is to keep the animals low stress and low impact with humans as possible. I loved that. We couldn’t get out of the van and touch or interact with the animals etc because it is not a zoo. 

The animals are completely wild, untrained, untamed and in their natural habitat. We sit still, watch them and if they decide the move or migrate the ranger will ensure the vehicle is not in their way. I shared pretty much everything on my Instagram Stories so if you are interested to see head over to my Instagram page @styleweekender here and check out South Africa Stories Highlights to watch all the videos. I was often asked if  I was scared and I wasn’t deathly scared, I was simply scared especially on our second spotting of Lions when a male Lion walked right by my vehicle on my side. I think I held my breath for a solid minute and said a quick 2 second prayer. Ha! We’re told that as long as we stay in the vehicle, no boots on the ground, we are fine. Animals see threat differently, if you're on the actual ground they see and feel that as a threat. So we never got out of the vehicle only at designated stops for coffee in the morning and wine in the evening. We felt extremely safe. On our morning for our last ride, we saw a Leopard. Our ranger was adamant that we find a leopard and a Rhino since those were the two of the big 5 that we hadn't seen. This was probably the most tedious because they have been tracking him for two nights. The Leopard hid itself in the bush and would not move. It was sly and sleek, we could see it better with our naked eyes than even with our best camera lens. He literally sat camouflaged for a good 30 mins and would not move. It was amazing to see. He eventually took off but we couldn't find it after that. They are swift and dangerous. Our ranger told us we would rather battle a Lion than a Leopard. 
The time difference was beyond exhausting but the excitement of seeing the animals daily took all of that a way. 

At Karula Lodge, if you had any special request they can set it up for you. We had a surprise picnic/bbq in the bush one evening and that will always be etched in my memory as a very special moment. We could hear Rhinos making sounds in the distance but we felt super safe as the staff is fully trained and know areas that are safe. We enjoy delicacies, wine and local beer. We had shared our experience with another couple at dinner that night and they requested a breakfast in the woods the next morning. They showed us photos later that day and it was so so beautiful. 

Here's some of the amazing photos we captured out on our rides. 

GIRAFFE (My Personal faves-We saw them on every ride)

This is a school that Kapama Private Game Reserve supports programs that help the kids with socialization skills, growing food sustainably, and overall care to name a few. We booked a tour to spend and evening with the kids. This was so important for us because we both value education. Additionally, Lincoln and I are products of a third world country. To be completely transparent, we also wanted the kids to see representation in us as also blacks visiting them. I remember while growing up we would have visitors at our primary schools and they were all white. Most of them were on religious missions or medical. It would have been nice to see black people that looked like me. The money we paid for the tour goes 100% directly to support this program.  We've also taken a special interest into this program as a personal goal. Because it is personal, I won't go into details but we are so proud and happy to be involved. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this really long blog post :). There is so much to share so please stay tuned for three more posts covering:
-A tour of the villa/property
-Outfits I wore and recommendations to wear on a safari
-How to afford and plan your trip including flights etc.

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