How To Style A Straight-Leg Jeans

This post is in partnership with Macy's, a store that I love. All opinions are 100% my own.
Hi there, Loves!
I'm a denim lover by all means. Second to dresses, I own so many pairs of denims, maybe too much. Yes, I'm guilty as charged. Hehe! My friends always shy away from or complain about straight-leg denim and how hard they are to style for them. Ever since skinny jeans became a thing, straight-leg took a back seat and to be honest, it's not fair :).
Straight-leg denim is and should be a classic pair of jeans in your closet. This one I am wearing is Lucky Brand Sweet 'N Straight-Leg jeans from Macy's. It's super comfortable, moves well, and the quality is immaculate. Because they are classic type of jeans, they are very easy to style. They can be dressed up or down, worn with casual or dressy tops, blazers or moto jackets. You see where I'm going here?!
I paired my jeans with this  Lucky Brand Floral Tank also from Macy's and bootie-mules and flat slides. In these looks you see where I cuff the denim as well as wore it all the way straightened out. It's the same outfit but the shoes options gave it two separate feel and vibe. If you play around with styling your straight-leg jeans, you'll see how much fun it is. 
Here are some other pieces you can wear with your straight-leg denim:
1. Oversized shirt top
2. Body-Suit with a Kimono
3. Converse & T-shirt
4. Turtle neck and ankle boots
5. Over The Shoulder tops and flat sandals

Remember that the next time you need a fab pair of straight-leg denim, try these Lucky Brand ones from Macy's and let me know how you like them and how you styled them. 



Planning A Wedding & Shaping My Infinity With Always

This post is in partnership with Always, A brand I use and love. All opinions are 100 % my own.

 Well hey there, Loves!
Hope you are all doing well and in the best of health. Today's post is a little personal life update on the side of wedding plans. To be honest, I've been a tad bit overwhelmed. I'm the type of girl that has to have it all together in one way or another. Balancing life, blogging, work and, planning a wedding has been a challenge to say the least. However, it is a welcomed one. I mean, it's my wedding right? I'll only get to do this once and I've looked at it like this, I will welcome all the challenges of planning a wedding because you know what? It'll be rewarding. I find that with all the balancing I have had to be do lately, I'm learning to lean and trust on my trusted brands and products. At the top of the list is my Always Infinity-It has me covered.  Oh yes! we're having a major girl talk right now. 
 Welcome to the world's first foam pad. Always Infinity provides a Zero Feel experience made possible by its one-of-a-kind FlexFoam core. It's ultra-light and form-fitting FlexFoam material molds to your body, so you'll barely feel it. I love sitting on the floor while working and, while deciding on what the color theme of our wedding will be, I felt super confident twisting and turning while wearing a light colored dress. Always' most absorbent, thin pad absorbs 10X its weight
They're also options for everyone from regular to overnight, to light, you name it. 
I am on one of the most amazing journey in my life. I'm planning a wedding and building a brand with my soon to be husband. It's such a great feeling being on this journey with him and experiencing the highs and lows together. With that said, my period protection is absolutely important to me and this is why I trust Always to #ShapeMyInfinity and, help me keep my confidence as I navigate through the months. It's one less decision I have to worry about and I can feel secure, covered, and confident. I've had to make so many decisions over the last few weeks, it's been absolutely overwhelming but also rewarding. Who knew picking a wedding color, theme, and sifting through guest list would be so much work?! Ha!  
 I've always heard how much work goes into planning a wedding and while I believed it, experiencing it is on a whole new level. It has been six months since we got engaged and I have been in the midst of planning ever since. Tackling and knocking off big decisions off my to-do list monthly is paramount. I'm just so happy that with Always Infinity I do not have to worry about my protection and I can focus on the important things I have going on. It's a big year for me guys, I'll #ShapeMyInfinity in a whole new way, marry my best friend, and living my dream. Thank you all for being a part of it. For all my boss babes looking to experience a zero feel protection, you can easily shop Always Infinity on Amazon

Join me on this journey, beauties. It could be any life changes, big or small. Simply use #ShapeYourInfinity hashtag on social media for a chance to win a year's supply of Always Infinity. Something simple as- "I got a new job #ShapeMyInfinity" or "I passed my Algebra class "ShapeMyInfinity" or  "I closed on my home #ShapeMyInfinity". I'll be checking the hashtags on social media to see what everyone is celebrating. 



My Stay At The Brazilian Court Hotel In Palm Beach

Hi, Loves.
Last week Lincoln and I made our way down to Palm Beach with The Brazilian Court Hotel. We stayed for three nights and man, did we have a relaxing, chic, and fab experience. We didn’t necessarily plan to have a relaxing trip. It’s the norm when we travel we tend to always try to see and do as much as we can wherever we go. That was exactly our plan for this trip but the relaxing, calming, and quiet vibe of this hotel changed it all. 
The grounds are perfectly manicured, surrounded by warm staff, and an onsite restaurant Cafe Boulud that seems to draw the who-is-who of Palm Beach. The wait staff was immaculate and extremely informed about the food choices and options. 
Let’s talk about our beautiful suite. It’s equipped with a bar, an over-sized bathroom with his and hers vanity, a cozy living room, and Palm Beach inspired bedroom decor. I felt like I was in an episode of Golden Girls with the fabulous decor. Oh, PS-housekeeping came every morning and evening to make our bed and remove our sheets before bed! Uhm, fancy huh?!  

The property also boasts a reading/library room, an art gallery, and an onsite Federic Fekkai  salon.  While we were there it was fully booked, but we couldn’t tell. It was quiet and peaceful. See why I said we ended up just relaxing?! 

The pool was empty pretty much 90% off the time. Remember, I told you it was fully booked. It was so quiet we got lost in silence. They have bikes on property for guests and we could have easily ridden around the corner for some shopping, but it rained every afternoon while we were there. This was actually a good thing, we needed up lounging in our suite and, listening to the rain which was an experience in itself. 
We had a lovely time at The Brazilian Court Hotel. If you’re looking to experience a true Palm Beach luxury, then this is your spot. Tell them I sent you. 

We left The Brazilian Court Hotel and spent a little over 24hrs in Ft Lauderdale before heading home. It was a quick 45 mins drive. We got to test drive the LEXUS NX F sport and it was such a smooth ride. The car interior and exterior is absolutely luxurious and blended perfectly with my time at The Brazilian Court Hotel. 
Hope you enjoyed this post! I have a few more trips coming up so I’ll definitely be sharing more travel content moving forward. 



5 Things I'm Doing To Get Ready For My Wedding

This post is in partnership with Sweet Defeat, All thoughts are 100% my own.
Hi there, Loves!
I wanted to share this post with you all as I am getting ready for my wedding. I actually thought I'd be more proactive than I am now but I was wrong. I'm learning that every bride does things exactly her way and that is quite OK. My Save The Dates haven't gone out as yet and that's OK. The one good thing in all of this is that we have picked a venue. YAY!

So, here are 5 things I'm doing to get ready for my wedding:

1. I spoke about trying out Sweet Defeat in this post here and It's been amazing. I have cut my sugar cravings (especially at night) down to zero, unless I am out with friends or, intentionally want to eat something sweet. It's amazing. I have been slipping a packet in my wallet and purse every time I go out for casual dinners etc. While I'm trying to size down a bit for my wedding, it is also more about finding the balance of a health lifestyle. Cutting back on sugar will definitely improve the way my skin looks and feels, and increase my overall energy. 
[I'd recommend you read this post on 5 Reasons Why Sweet Defeat Will Change Your Life to get a much better insight on this amazing product]

2. I have been doing cycling classes. I'm am not your cardio type of person at all. I'll do weights and high intensity training but that is pretty much it. Cycling classes have been amazing for me. It's fun and I get to burn a lot of calories in a short time. 

3. I've been using my phone recorder to add things to my to-do/idea list. It's so strange that I often get an idea about something I want to do or incorporate in my wedding while I'm out or not so stationary to write it down. I've been using my cell phone to record quick things, remind myself of to-dos, and deadlines. It has come in so handy because at the end of the week, I can simply listen to all my recordings and plan accordingly. This is such a great way to remember things. 

4. Meticulous financial balance. I figured a wedding would be costly and I'm seeing it head-on already. However, balance is key. We're making sure we can still live a balanced life and, to not be stressed out with the weight of wedding expenses. This means, planning and executing normalcy like we've always done but on a stricter budget. So, we will still take a vacation or two, we will still eat out, we will still treat ourselves all while being mindful, financially. 

5. I have been engaging with more married couples on social media. I have also been reading couples books and articles. Yes, we've been together forever but I do believe moving into this marriage it will require some additional work, practices etc. It's been fun learning so much more about the deep bond of marriage and I'm excited about this journey to say the least. 
Hope you enjoyed this post, loves.


Our Beautiful Save The Dates From Minted

 Hi Guys!
I'm so excited to share with you all our wedding Save the Dates from Minted. We opted for these magnets as our Save the Dates because we thought they were cute and that our friends and family could easily put them on their refrigerators. We really wanted our Save The Dates to be light and fun, not too structured and, these were just so perfect.
We chose these two photos that really exemplify much of who we are in our relationship. We're very close to each other can often be found cuddled on the couch or in bed. We do everything together. Yet, we love a good time having fun (which we do not get to do often) so, it's important that our Save the Dates spoke to who we are and what we want.  
With that said we hope our wedding will be filled with love and lots of fun. Minted had so many Save the Date options that it took us over a month to decide. I just love that there are so many choices to suit every couple and their taste. We also got the stamps options just to things super easy and they add a pretty personal touch. Things are moving y'all! Whoo-hoo!!

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