5 Things I'm Doing To Get Ready For My Wedding

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Hi there, Loves!
I wanted to share this post with you all as I am getting ready for my wedding. I actually thought I'd be more proactive than I am now but I was wrong. I'm learning that every bride does things exactly her way and that is quite OK. My Save The Dates haven't gone out as yet and that's OK. The one good thing in all of this is that we have picked a venue. YAY!

So, here are 5 things I'm doing to get ready for my wedding:

1. I spoke about trying out Sweet Defeat in this post here and It's been amazing. I have cut my sugar cravings (especially at night) down to zero, unless I am out with friends or, intentionally want to eat something sweet. It's amazing. I have been slipping a packet in my wallet and purse every time I go out for casual dinners etc. While I'm trying to size down a bit for my wedding, it is also more about finding the balance of a health lifestyle. Cutting back on sugar will definitely improve the way my skin looks and feels, and increase my overall energy. 
[I'd recommend you read this post on 5 Reasons Why Sweet Defeat Will Change Your Life to get a much better insight on this amazing product]

2. I have been doing cycling classes. I'm am not your cardio type of person at all. I'll do weights and high intensity training but that is pretty much it. Cycling classes have been amazing for me. It's fun and I get to burn a lot of calories in a short time. 

3. I've been using my phone recorder to add things to my to-do/idea list. It's so strange that I often get an idea about something I want to do or incorporate in my wedding while I'm out or not so stationary to write it down. I've been using my cell phone to record quick things, remind myself of to-dos, and deadlines. It has come in so handy because at the end of the week, I can simply listen to all my recordings and plan accordingly. This is such a great way to remember things. 

4. Meticulous financial balance. I figured a wedding would be costly and I'm seeing it head-on already. However, balance is key. We're making sure we can still live a balanced life and, to not be stressed out with the weight of wedding expenses. This means, planning and executing normalcy like we've always done but on a stricter budget. So, we will still take a vacation or two, we will still eat out, we will still treat ourselves all while being mindful, financially. 

5. I have been engaging with more married couples on social media. I have also been reading couples books and articles. Yes, we've been together forever but I do believe moving into this marriage it will require some additional work, practices etc. It's been fun learning so much more about the deep bond of marriage and I'm excited about this journey to say the least. 
Hope you enjoyed this post, loves.

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