How To Wear Corduroy During The Summer + Shop These Pieces

Hi Guys,
So, after what felt like a forever gloom hovering over the city of Los Angeles, we  finally got some sun this week and it's been hot. Yesterday I was heading to get my nails done and I really wanted something breathable to wear. After scouring through my closet and drawers I came upon this corduroy dress I bought last Fall. At first I thought "oh no, I'm going it be hot in this" but I opted for it anyway because it is short enough and also I didn't have to iron it :)

Well, turns out I was so wrong because it held up so well in the heat and I felt super comfortable and relaxed. I realized that I can wear corduroy in the summer as long as I pair it with other breathable fabrics and the style/cut is suitable. I wouldn't wear say a corduroy jumpsuit or corduroy long sleeved dress during the summer. But this little dress and the color was perfect. 

I went ahead and looked up a few other ones that compares tot his dress and that I have my eyes on. I thought I'd share. See them below in the widget. 




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