Dinner In A Pinch With My Power AirFryer Oven

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Hi Guys,
I wanted to pop in and share with you all this fun post about how we quickly make dinner in a healthy way. I'm not sure how many of you own an air fryer but if you do, I'll testify that my new Power Airfryer Oven is legitimately the best thing in my life right now when it comes to making meals in my home.  My fiance and I are always on the go and we have little to no time to cook. I generally make us a big meal on Sundays but throughout the week we tend to eat out a lot. Not good! Since we have our wedding coming up very soon, we had to make a few budget adjustments and, how we eat is definitely on top of the list- both on how we send and what we eat. Here comes this amazing Power Airfryer Oven to our rescue saving us time, energy, money, and also helping our goals in eating better. I 

I've been making some fun meals lately and loving it. It cooks our food with little to no oil by using super heated air. It has 8 programmed presets which make sit super easy. I simply pop my food in, hit the preset, and, it sets the time and temperature accordingly. I do nothing else but just wait (usually quick) and serve our food. This Power Airfyer Oven replaces at least seven kitchen appliances in my home. It's a one-stop-cook. I'm loving the simplicity it has brought to our lives.
For dinner last week I made us our favorite friend chicken and grilled mozzarella mushrooms. The chicken took about 20 minutes and the mushroom took 15 mins. I simply pop them in, hit the programmed preset button, wait for it to be cooked, and serve. We enjoy an easy, quick, delicious and healthy meal with little mess and so much more healthier.
Now, who's ready to make their own yummy, healthy, and super easy dinner in a pinch time? You can get your  Power Airfyer Oven here. Let me know what you end up making. 



Southern Puerto Rico Travel Guide & Photo Diary

Hi Loves,
Finally, I got a chance to come around to writing my Puerto Rico travel post. Now, this is not your typical San Juan travel guide. I got the opportunity to venture out to the Southern region of Puerto Rico and it was beyond beautiful, beyond amazing, and filled with so much culture.
The south coast of Puerto Rico is so untouched, super relaxing and the beach is beautiful. I loved that it wasn’t crowded and packed with tourist like San Juan. This was my second time visiting Puerto Rico and I actually genuinely fell in love with Puerto Rico this time around.
Links to what I'm wearing throughout the post: Tahiti one-piece, lace-up one-piece, pom-pom cover-up, striped cut-out dress, woven circular tote, white mules (on sale), floral split leg beach pants, white bodysuit, Birdies songbird slides, sunnies, sunnies, Fenty Lipstick in Freckled Fiesta
My fiance and I spent three nights in the Guanica area and we stayed at Copamarina Resort. It was about 1.5 hrs drive from Aguadilla airport (where we came in) and two hours drive to San Juan airport (where we departed to return home). Copamarina was a gem, beautiful, and so serene. When we got there we could feel life’s hustle and bustle of city life in Los Angeles vacating my our mind and soul. It forced us to relax in an unforgiving way and we weren’t mad at that. It’s a family owned property which makes it intimate and intentional. The food was beyond amazing at both of their restaurants. The drinks were so good we couldn’t get enough. Try the ceviche with fried green plantains or mahi tacos at Las Palmas cafe and try the fried snapper at Restaurante Alexandra. Literally try EVERYTHING. The staff was so warm and kind, it’s literally a heavenly getaway.
On our first full day we ventured out to Caja de Muertos beach. It’s on an uninhabited island with the most gorgeous beach. We departed from La Guancha and we went with Island Venture Water Excursions catamaran. They served beer, water, sodas, and also light sandwiches and cookies for lunch. It was about 30 minutes boat ride on the beautiful Caribbean sea. It was hot but so pretty out. The water was glistening with perfection. We literally lounged and swam ALL day. We made it back to hotel, ate dinner, and crashed.

On our second day we ventured out to the town of Ponce. Ponce is filled with so much culture and rich history. We did a walking tour with a tour guide for about 1 hr and it was informative and insightful. I love learning about the culture and history wherever I travel to. Once the tour was over, we had lunch at Lola’s Restaurant located in the town of Ponce. The food was so good. Try anything that has friend green plantains. You will not regret it.
Once lunch was done we made our way to Castillo Serrallés mansion. It sits overlooking the entire town of Ponce. It was built during the 1930s and has so much history. The Tour Guide was exceptionally informed and answered our questions. we couldn't take any photos inside but it was beautiful and had a lot of the original items on display. I won’t spoil it for you, just make sure you take a tour. After the tour we made our way back to Copamarina and, we enjoyed the yummy cuisine at the resort.

It was such a fun, soothing, relaxing, and informational trip. Yes-all of that. I’m so happy I got the chance to go back to Puerto Rico and explore the southern side. It's been a year since hurricane Maria destroyed so much of Puerto Rico and took so many lives (almost 3 thousands lives-factual). The people seemed so resilient and warm despite the tragedy. I was also surprised to see how beautiful southern Puerto Rico still is considering the fatal hurricane. I totally fell in love with it and I’m sure you will too. I recommend you check out Discover Puerto Rico for more information on all that Puerto Rico has to offer.
Here’s breakdown of an easy travel guide:

Day 1:
Fly into Aguadilla or San Juan Airport
Check in to Copamarina Beach resort & Spa (they can help you arrange transportation)
Relax at the resort- they have day chairs laying in the actual ocean and also cabanas
Have dinner at Alexandra Restaurant (on Copamarina Resort & Spa property)

Day 2:
Day Trip to Caja de Muertos
Dinner at Las Palmas at Copamarina Resort & Spa

Day 3:
Visit Ponce- Do a walking tour
Lunch at Lola’s
Visit Castilla Serrallés
Dinner at Umami Restaurant (we didn't eat there but we heard it was good)

I hope this post encourages your next vacation to be Puerto Rico. Let me know if you have any questions. Additionally, if you go to my Instagram page, you can check out my Puerto Highlights to see all the mini videos and stories from my trip.

Links to what I'm wearing throughout the post: Tahiti one-piece, lace-up one-piece, pom-pom cover-up, striped cut-out dress, woven circular tote, white mules (on sale), floral split leg beach pants, white bodysuit, Birdies songbird slides, sunnies, sunnies, Fenty Lipstick in Freckled Fiesta




Where To Stay In Phuket Thailand

Hi Guys,
So sorry for the hold up in getting out my Thailand where to stay travel guide to you all. It’s been two weeks since I got back from Thailand but it feels as if I just got back. It left such a beautiful impact on my travel life and I cannot begin to express how amazing the trip was.
So, for those of you that follow me on Instagram would know that we (my fiance + I) stayed in Phuket. We spent six (6) nights and my goodness, it was not enough. We needed at least 10 days to really dive into a lot of what Phuket has to offer.

For the six nights we stayed at three hotels so that we could experience different service and so I’m writing this review of each hotel just in case you guys are planning a trip to Phuket, Thailand anytime soon. I’ll do a another post next week of what I wore and what I did while I was there so stay tuned.
The first two nights we stayed at Baba Beach Club. This hotel was a dream. The property was so clean, relaxing, and luxurious. Baba Beach club offers resort style living but with maximum privacy and personal staffing. It’s also a music lovers hotel as they often have weekly live performances and they play music throughout the hotel. We even cozied up in bed while listening to some dope beats. They also have their own private beach just steps from the hotel property. That’s where I shot this epic drone shot. Literally, no one was on the beach but us. We especially enjoyed the main pool swimming and just lounging, lazily. Our villa came with its own private attendant who was absolutely amazing, his name is Fluke and he took such good care of us. I mean, at the drop of a call he was there. Fluke ran me the most amazing bath after a long day of relaxing and swimming (sounds stressful right?) ha! He even packed our suitcases before we left. He folded everything so well I was afraid to take anything out of my suitcase. Talk about luxury service. They have additional amenities such as restaurants, gold course, and bikes to ride around. We took a quick bike ride up to a bridge on our last day and it was fun.
Let’s talk about our villa. It was beyond beautiful. It smelled like essential oil heaven, stocked complimentary pantry, and it opened right to the main pool. It’s two floors, downstairs on the main floor was the living room and kitchen area and upstairs we had a one bedroom, beautiful en-suite bathroom and closet. All facing the main pool. I especially loved the decor of this hotel. The pillows and sheets were soft and comfortable. It was PERFECT! The staff was AHHHMAZING, beyond warm and welcoming and super attentive. I cannot begin to explain the service we received and how incomparable it was. My fiance and I loved Baba Beach and we’re definitely going back.
Next we stayed at Movenpick Bangtao Hotel & Resort. A complete different vibe from the first hotel but beautiful and exclusive in its own right. This was definitely a much bigger resort and definitely had a more family vibe. There were plenty of families vacationing with their kids and it made for fun spot for everyone.
The room was beautiful and exclusive. We had our own private pool which we absolutely enjoyed, a beautiful living room, kitchen, a massive room and en-suite bathroom. The room also had an off deck, the perfect spot for watching the sunset. The food was immaculate-both breakfast and restaurant dining. I have to say they served the best food. What was cool is that we learned Muy Thai (Thai Boxing) while we were there. We took an hour class that kicked our butts but was so much fun. So happy we did it! This hotel also has beach access just across the street, easy peasy!
The third and final hotel we stayed at was Thavorn Palm Beach Resort. Thavorn was pretty cozy and unique. It had Thai exterior design with colonial interior decor in the rooms. I loved the cute sleek colonial details and the infusion of both styles. That was genius architectural design. This resort also boasts a lovely family resort option. It has a few beautiful gardens and lots of fun and gorgeous animals-parrots, turtles...I watched as the kids beamed and lit up interacting with the animals. I loved strolling the property, all the gardens and lush beauty. It is painted all white which made for perfect color among the lush tropics.
We had a beautiful romantic sunset dinner dinner at Old Siam Thai restaurant and it was everything. They had both buffet and menu options. We opted for seafood buffet and it did not disappoint.
Thavorn Palm Beach Resort also has the cutest coffee and ice cream shop on their property and we had to indulge. Man, it was yummy!

I hope the review of these three hotels will help you in your decision on where to stay in Phuket. Option one (Baba Beach)  is definitely for the hot, sexy, fun, and luxury traveler. Yes, kids are also welcome. Option two (Movenpick Bangtao) is definitely family friendly yet attracts singles and couples easily. Option three (Thavorn Palm Beach Resort) definitely is most family friendly as there's so much to do with the kids there. I also love that this hotel was closest to local town that’s within walking distance but more on that in follow-up post.
If you head over to my Instagram page, you can check out my "Thailand highlights" tab for all the fun video snaps including a tour of each hotel room.

Let me know if you have any questions at all on these three hotels especially if you’re making a decision on where to stay based on your needs. Leave me a comment below or email me at styleweekender@gmail.com. I’m happy to help.

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