The Transitional Dress You Must Get

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Hi there, Loves.
Thank you for coming over to read this post. This Tommy Hilfiger Off-The-Shoulder dress from Macy's is one of my newest piece I acquired this summer. As the summer is slowly coming to an end, I'm looking forward to investing in more transitional items. This dress is so good or summer evenings and also it's the perfect transitional dress. The sleeves are long yet they can be scuffed half-way up the arm. I also love the clinched waist, it's perfect for all types of body shape as it really will enhance or give you a beautiful waist line. I styled it this way for a lovely summer evening out with my fiance-dinner, movie, and boardwalk. It's just so perfect. Later on as the season close, I plan on styling it with thigh-high boots, tennis shoes, and cute oxfords. I also have a gorgeous stole that will fit beautifully over this dress. 
I love chic and easy to style dresses like this one, it makes summer styling so easy and effortless. The movement and roominess is so fun and practical. With the holidays right around the corner, this dress is great for holiday wear, too. I plan on traveling for the holidays and I love packing super light and easy to travel items and, this dress will likely be on every trip. Ha! You what I just thought about too? gifting it to some of my girlfriends. It goes up to a size 10 and some of my girlfriends I know love dresses like these. I feel like I'm getting on my holiday gifting list already :) Not bad if you ask me. 
I hope you enjoyed this post, Loves. If you need help choosing this dress or another from Macy's do let me know. I know sizing and fit can sometimes be tricky but I am happy to help provide you some guidance.  #TommyHilfigerSportswear 

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