Primers For Dry, Oily, & Combination Skin

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Sharing some of my favorite primers for different skin types. Dry, oily and combination. I get asked a lot what to use to help makeup stay longer and I always encourage primers and setting sprays. It's not just any primer but ones that actually are for your specific skin type. How do you know what your skin type is? It's easy to tell. Are you normally oily all over your face, even after you've washed it or worn powder? Then you have oily skin. If you're always dray and cracking at different or all areas of your face, then you have dry skin. If you have a mixture of both, some areas dry, some areas oily, then it's combination skin. I personally have combination skin. I get a little oily on my t-zone (middle forehead, nose, around mouth, & down to chin). Sometimes, I am dry more around the rim of my face or even around my mouth. 
So here's a list of some of my favorite primers listed by skin types. 
This Tatcha Primer is great for oily skin. It gives a nice blur effect and sits perfectly under moisturizer. Although it's perfect for oily skin, it also serves very well combination skin. This is probably my most used primer and I have combination skin. 
This Pop Beauty 'No Shine Primer' is exactly as the name says, no shine. This makes it excellent for oily skin. It mattes out beautifully on the skin which makes for excellent makeup application. 
This Dr Brant Pores No More Primer is another great option for oily skin. I love using this along my t-zone. If you've got large pores or pores problem, this is your go to. It seems they have a new packaging. I love it.
For my dry skin beauties, you'll absolutely love this bareMinerals Blemish Rescue primer.  I love this brand and their clean beauty products. If you have somewhat a sensitive skin too, this should be mild enough a primer. Try out their line of lipsticks and foundations as well. 
Another good one for dry skin. I love the extra boost of hydration this Smashbox Photo Finish Primer gives. My makeup glides right over it so smoothly. I love wearing it at nights if I am going out as it gives my skin that extra glow under my makeup. 
Lastly, this Tula Blurring & Moisturizing Primer. This is great for combination skin. It blurs oily areas and moisturizes dry areas. 
Hope you found this post useful. 


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