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Hi Guys!
I'm super excited to be sharing with you this new, amazing, and exciting way to send gifts. It's called GiftNow and it is the new way to gift in the digital age. It is super simple and easy for both you and the person you are gifting. Gift-Now is a complimentary gifting service that allows you to purchase a thoughtful gift and let the recipient of that gift choose a size, color, and shipping address. This is such a relief because it rids me of having to text my friends and family with too many questions which could ruin the surprise. The other day I went to lunch with one of my girlfriends and I was wearing this Kate Spade sweater in my photo and she commented on how beautiful it was, how much she loved it, and all the questions that tell you she would want one. I instantly etched it in my mind in an ah-ha moment "I know what I'll get her as her gift this holiday".

I went home that evening, went onto Kate Spade website to the exact sweater, scroll down to the GiftNow feature in the lower right hand side of the product page, and proceeded to gift it to my amazing friend. I didn't need to do anything else but put in her email, pay for it, and send a greeting note.  I also added these earrings and necklace for her as an extra surprise. I love that Kate Spade is such a leading and innovative brand to have this feature on their website. 

With Gift-Now as an option, I feel like I'm giving a more thoughtful, fun, and engaging gift. It removes the impersonal card or the regular gift box gift-giving. It's saves so much time too and was so fun going through the process. Can you imagine the excitement of my friend on the receiving end?! It will be the same for whoever you are gifting something to. My girlfriend said she felt like she was having her own '"online shopping experience" but in the sense of getting a gift. I loved that she was pleased and had fun, too. 

Let me take you through the steps of using GiftNow on Kate Spade's website.

Step 1: Locate the item you want to purchase

Step 2: Scroll to lower right-hand section of the product and look for GiftNow option. Click on it.

Step 3: Enter the receiver's email or phone number. Write a personal greeting to send them. They will be super surprised.

Step 4: Check out and pay for the item/s. You'll get an email and your receiver will also get an email or whichever way you decide to let them know of this surprise. You can also add more than one item to your basket so feel free to mix it up and have fun gifting.
I just love this amazing gifting solution and I love that I get to share it with you in case you didn't know about it. Share this post with your friends and family. You are sending a gift not having to worry about details such as size and color, but more personal than a gift card. 
Happy Holidays to you all.


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