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Today's post is a very informative one and I will be talking about some of my favorite places to shop online. I do MOST of my shopping online and it saves me a lot of time. I used to be highly opposed to shopping online but with a busy schedule, it became important that I accept the online shopping challenge to which I have become addicted.  
I get asked  ALOT where did you get that? Where do I buy X? Where is the best place to shop for X?...While I cannot answer it all here in one post, I will cover  10 favorite places to shop online in this post. I will have follow-up post on more focused topics. 

Here goes:
1. Nordstrom : I absolutely love Nordstrom and I love them more so for their sales. This is a great store where you can buy high-end for small price during sales. They almost always have some sort of sale/promotion going on on their website. I also love that it is always free shipping and free returns, every time. This helps to put me at ease that if I do not like or want an item I purchased, I can easily return it with the return slip they packaged in the box and I didn't lose anything on shipping. I have to tell you their biggest sale of the year is coming up and it will start July 22nd so DO NOT miss out. They also have a great men selection. I have already made my wish list and ready to go. 

2. Asos : Horray Asos, my little one stop shop for all things fashion (I think that's their slogan) but literally amazing items at EVERY price point. I love that they have such a huge variety of products because I can easily make a one-stop shop and simply wait for my package to arrive. They also offer free returns, easy peasy just simply put the item back into the box or bag, tape the label they sent you and drop it off at the post office. For my Jamaicans, they also ship to Jamaica so go ahead and enjoy that benefit. They also carry an awesome men selection.  Asos is currently having a 50% off sale, so definitely check them out. 

3. Shein: I love this store, it is probably the cheapest of all the stores I listed here. They are very trendy and I love buying simple dresses, tops, and accessories from them. Their quality has grown exponentially and the shipping has been much better. They carry only female clothing and they have a great pre-order program where items are much less (than they already are). I've tried it before but the only I do not like is that I have to wait until the pre-order time is out before my items ship. 

4. Loft: Loft is quite underrated in the online shopping sphere I think. I feel that because they weren't always trendy, people tend to over look them. Loft has always been a timeless brand and even with more trendy items to their inventory, they still maintain their timelessness. They currently have 50% off and they almost always have an extra % off sale items, that is the best thing about online shopping that enjoy, seriously. 

5. Forever21 and H&M: Affordable and trendy are Forever 21 and H&M. They are also getting better with the quality of their products. I've purchased a few things that stood to compete with  the quality of high-end brands. I love their flats and many of their heels, the comfort level of their shoes is impeccable, esp Forever 21. They both have good men store is good but not great. H&M is much better in their men department. I think they are good for teenage guys and young adults. Their fashion accessories are also great prices. I love their hats and for someone with a big head, I also enjoy purchasing the men hats. 

6. Old Navy , Gap and Banana Republic: I group these three because they are sister companies and I love them all. BR is definitely the best quality of the three, next Gap, and then Old Navy. I always log on to each, check the promotions, and then shop accordingly. I buy more staple items from BR and more casual pieces from Old Navy. 

7. J.Crew: Seriously love J.Crew but oh-my-gash they always do damage to my wallet. Ha! I've found my way to combat that. I buy most of my items from their sale sections which is usually an extra % off already sale price. I'm always happy about that when i match the original price to what I paid. Their quality is EXCEPTIONAL and their clothing withstand washes, rain, snow, sunshine..you get me!

8. Target: Who does not love Target? they are an addiction both online and in store. What I love about target is that I can shop for EVERYTHING, not only clothing but household, appliances, gadgets etc.  

9. Charlotte Russe: Super girly and trendy and affordable pieces you can always find here. I especially love that they always have some promotions going on. I live for sales and promotions, if I am saving a buck or two, oh I'm sold. For an online shopper addict as myself I take any sale I can get. 

10. Amazon: Yes to Amazon, everybody loves them especially the awesome two-day shipping you get with prime. Totally worth it. If you shop on their site a lot, you should get the prime membership, it is totally worth it but only if you shop a lot (as in at lease 8 times per year). 

I do hope this list was useful. I will follow-up with another post soon on where, when, and how to buy your high-end items online, and how to get the most out of your pennies when spending large. 



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