Our Baby Shower

Last month we celebrated our little girl in an intimate and cozy baby shower with some of our family and closest friends. To tell you the truth, I initially didn’t want to have a baby shower. It's been a long and busy year for me planning a destination wedding, working nonstop, travels etc. The last thing I wanted to do was plan another event ha! But our friends and family kept asking about a shower and then I realized I would have probably regretted not doing a shower later on. 
So here we are. 
The goal was to keep it small at 30 people, simple chic girly decor and, an easy no fuss morning. We did a brunch and hosted it at one of our favorite restaurant in Los Angeles in their private dining area. The restaurant private space was a good idea because all we needed to do was add a bit of decor, show up, do our thing and then leave.   
It was amazing. We were literally showered with so much love, well wishes, good energy, and that made everything worth it. We ate, chatted with our guests, played games, and mingled in love. Our baby girl has no idea how much love and support she already has and that really makes us so happy. I posted a video on my Instagram account, you can see it here. It was a lovely day and I couldn’t feel more blessed, loved and appreciated. Keep scrolling below to see some of the photos. 
Some of my blogger friends who came to shower us with love. I'm linking their Instagram accounts below so you can check each of them out. 
From left to right...
I decided to keep photos of my other family and friends offline because not everyone wants to be plastered all over the internet. Hehe! However, they were there in all the uplifting and loving sprits I could ever dream of and I'm extremely thankful. 
The balloon wall was done by Tat & Co and the florals were done by my lovely friends Vanessa & Art . It was beautiful. 
I hope you enjoyed this post.


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