Finding Your Passion & Purpose

Hi Loves, 
Happy new week to you all. This post is not your ordinary "let me tell you what I am wearing and where to buy it", post. This post is a motivating one that I decided to write it based on conversations I have been having with friends, family, and my readers/followers over the past year or so. As a content creator and influencer I get the joy and pride in being able to write about things I am into, how I do, where I go, and what I like. I get to share that here on my blog and across all my other social media channels. I do it because I love it and I never realized how much my brand and content was growing because I was just going going and enjoying it without much measurement and seldom reflection or what is was becoming.

I realized my impact when I would receive DMs, emails, texts, and phone calls asking for advice in pursuing passion. I have spent countless of hours responding to those questions and offering as much advice as I can. I can fully say I have found my passion and purpose, although I still feel a deeper sense of a more defined purpose on this earth. At least, there is something more to this life for me to look forward to. 
Here are my five (5) tips to finding your passion:

1. What make you the happiest-? This might seem like such a simple question but I know many of you reading this right know is really thinking long and hard to answer this question. I ask because whatever it is that makes you the happiest in any moment, that is where your passion lies. So, if cooking, working out, encouraging others, your kids, music, traveling... makes you happy, then your passion lies within there. When I say happy, I mean you're at ease and everything feels right. Even if it is hard or tedious, it still makes you happy. 

2. Can you see yourself still feeling passionate about what you do or what you're into long-term?- Many of us know exactly what we want to do with our lives but we aren't aren't sure we can do it long-term. You should and will feel differently about your passion when you think long-term. 
3. Do/did you try and fail and tried again and it you're ok with the fact that you've fail and you're back at it again?- Finding your passion  means you will fail at it multiple times or it will be stagnant before you grow and flourish. If that doesn't stop you, you will know your passion and your purpose is driven by that. 
4. Will it matter to you if you make money from your passion or not?- This is a major way to test your passion. Passion does not rely on money, it's simply that you're passionate and through that you can potentially earn money. 

5. Your passion and purpose will not and cannot be obtained or embraced by YOU ALONE. There has to be a network- a network of believes, supporters, and motivators. So, once you have found your passion, start connecting with like minded people and stay close to those who support you. 

I hope you found this post useful. I actually had the biggest and longest smile on my face writing this post. I guess that's what passion and purpose does for me. I'd love to know if you would like me to continue writing motivating posts such as these. Feel free to comment below or send me an email (styleweekender@gmail.com) or DM on Instagram etc.
Enjoy the rest of your week, Loves.



  1. "Our passion and purpose will not and cannot be obtained or embraced by YOU ALONE" i lvoe this...but sometimes its so heard to find that network and like minded determined people. im thankful for those i have in my life .

    1. Hi Kerdisha,
      Indeed so my dear. I feel the same but like you, I am thankful too. xx

  2. Fantastic post Hun and I am glad it's not the typical look at what I am wearing with affiliate links ���� you've hit the nail on the head precisely your definition of passion. It has to be something that you absolutely couldn't live without doing. And rightly so in staying connected with those who support your passion as not only do you flourish from it but you also have the moral support for days when you need a boost. Love the nail colour by the way and the outfit of course. Great post, it put a smile on my face

    1. Haha, right Barbara? In reflecting I have given even more thought about what I hope the world will get from my content and I wan tit to inspire, hence I wrote this. Thanks darling.

  3. What a great read! The money test is a big one - and so important since so many people just settle for a job rather than a career they are truly passionate about!

    Beauty & Colour | Vegan Lifestyle Blog

    1. It most definitely is, Caitlin. I'm in a career outside of blogging which I really like, but It does not fulfill my inner purpose like blogging does. Thanks for swinging by dear.

  4. Even though I'm mad at your for having your purse on the floor in the first pic, this post is EVERYTHING! Thank you for sharing

  5. I smiled while I was reading this post. As much as I love your outfit posts this post is my fave of them all. I love real, honest talk babe and you sharing your advice is so genuine and kind.
    I truly believe that my mission is to inspire people to take actions, to believe in their dreams..
    I could write about thìs all day long. :)
    P.s. you look so beautiful here. Such a lady! Love you!

  6. I love this post and I needed to hear this. I just started my blog, I have been wanting to start for years but I was always afraid of what others would think. As I got older, I realized that I have potential doing something in fashion and travel, I know it! So thank you again, keep doing what you're doing girl!


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