Turks & Caicos Diary

Well hello my darlings! Finally, here's my photo diary from my trip to Turks and Caicos Islands. I had such a hard time choosing photos to share with you guys, seriously. I'm still battling as to which ones to eliminate and which others to add. Let's not get hung up on specifics right? I've laid out all the photos here in this post to create a story for you so here goes. (photo above-backyard-leading to beach)

We were on Providenciales  Island and we stayed at Silver Palms Cottage which is a private cottage that we rented. It was everything we wanted and more. We had our own private beach (not as pretty as Grace Bay) but we loved it. We had a beach side cabana (seen above), a fire pit, grill station, and pool. The service was excellent. We were provided with a local cell phone, a car (we rented) which was parked and ready for us at the airport. The owners have an amazing instructional video as to how to get from the airport to the cottage. It's super easy. 
We had maid service that came midweek to clean and replenish our towels and toiletries. The cottage was equipped with washer and dryer and a beautiful gazebo/verandah adorned with a lovely hammock. The cottage is beautifully decorated providing us with the sentiments of a beach vacation. We had wifi connection in the cottage. It was a two bedroom, one bath with an added attic with two twin beds. It was open concept and pretty Island modern. The owners were very responsive to us and were very helpful our requests. They came to the airport to meet us and even had our name on a card (real VIP style) Ha!

Our flight was delayed and we made in in two hours later, but just in time to catch this beautiful sunset right in our backyard.
From our cabana we watched Kite-boarders do their amazing tricks in the water. It seems so fun, I plan on trying it next place I visit. 
Our comfy Hammock- my guy loved this detail of the cottage. He spent quite a few hours relaxing here. From the hammock we could view the ocean and trees in the backyard.

We were literally 12 steps to our private beach. Perfection. 
An extra bonus was the Kayaks that were available to us . There were a total of 6 if my memory serves me right. We really enjoyed the Kayaks as it was accessible and super fun taking a few trips out. 
Now, usually a photo like this wouldn't make it to my blog post. It's not attractive right? But, give me a chance here. This little pick-up truck carries the freshest and most reasonably priced seafood you could find on Providencials Island. We bought snappers and lobster tails to cook and it was just so fresh and yummy.
Gorgeous Lobster tails and they were so juicy after my sister's husband was done with these babies on the grill. 

Dinner is served:)
No trip is complete without a few souvenirs and crafts from the craft market. This craft market was located right next to Island Conch Bar and Grill at Bight Cultural Market. We got super good deals from Miss Pauline, ask for her and tell her I sent you. 
Literally the yummiest food on the Island of Providenciales, Island Conch Bar and Grill. If you do not trust me on anything else, trust me here. My palate is exceptional and this was the best place to eat local food at a very good price. (Swimsuit Here)
The rum punch from Island Conch Bar & Grill is just PERFECT!
Guys, these Conch fritters was just so delicious. I'm literally reliving how good they taste right as I am writing this post. Order these as your appetizer, you won't regret. 
As an Island born gal I was elated to find a piece of my own home, right here. Ahh-mazing, just so delicious and seasoned to the bone. My sister really loved their coleslaw, we ate there six times so that tells you just how yummy the food is. Literally everything is good. 
Loved that I could enjoy a good cup of coffee every single day. This place serves excellent coffee, Shay's cafe. 
Shay's coffee and Ray-Bans
Snapped photos of how pretty and lush the flora was all-around the island.
One of my best friend lives on the Island and treated me to a spa date. We had such a relaxing and fun time, catching up and making mischief, as we usually do. I surprised her, she had no idea I was visiting for vacation. It was all a set up. I literally tricked her, caught her reaction on video and what do bf's do when you surprise them with a visit? they drop everything and ensure you have a great time. She did that and more. Love you Shacks, so much<3
Escargot- Yes, I'll eat if it's in a yummy sauce and this was delish!
We had dinner at Mango Reef restaurant. The food was so great and the service was exceptional. We watched  a beautiful sunset here. The restaurant sits on a marina so the air and view was remarkable.
On our last morning, my guy and I woke up super early to catch one last sunrise. It is always so hard to get up early but this, was worth it, just magical. 
Beautiful Grace Bay
We went Parasailing and this was the most fun part of my activities on this trip. It was such a magical way to see the ocean. I usually associate seeing the ocean by snorkeling but, this was just lovely to be able to see and capture the beauty form an ariel view. We used our Go-pro and captured it's beauty on video and photos. My Sunnies are from Eyekonic
My tomboy side was in high gear getting on this ATV. This was totally badass and adrenaline ridden. I'm not good with risky sports such as bungee jumping or sky diving but, I'll take a race car or ATV anytime. This was so much fun. 

Here's an aerial  shot of a piece of Providenciales Island I took from the airplane. 

Hope you guys enjoy the photos. I will be adding another post next week that is more style focus, showcasing what I wore  while I was there with direct shopping links. 

as always babes, thank you for reading.
xoxo Keyma. 



  1. Ahhhhhhhmazing photos... I felt like I went on vacation by just looking at the pics... I was living Turks and Caicos through you... glad you enjoyed your vacation doll and thanks for sharing... xoxo

    1. Hehe aw thank you babe. That is exactly how i hoped you and others would feel as you read. SO happy you enjoyed it love.. muah! xoxo

  2. Oh it is all too lovely! I cannot wait to find out what special shop had the darling swimsuit. And your table with the delicacies of the area was over the top.

  3. I love your blog.

    This is the most complete review of the Turks and Caicos Islands I have ever read, it made me want to take a vacation there and I live on the island. The review gave a complete picture of the island life, a combination of "chic" places to visit as well as local "hang-outs."

    Thank you for visiting with us and we hope to see you again soon. XoXo

    1. Aw this means so much to mean. Thank you and thank you for taking the time out to read, especially that you didn't quite need to since you live there. Truly means a lot. I loved it and I will be BACK!

  4. Thank for your review at Turks and Caicos Island and I have spent time to read all. If you have one more vacation in the next time, I recommend you should bring some mini grill at housewaresandbeyond because this is my solution for summer vacation. Hope this will be a reference. Thanks

  5. It's lovely there we are past due for a sisters trip kaysha


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