Flared Denim + Plaid Cardigan

 I often hear the terms millennials, tech-savvy, and most recently 'the makers". I work in education, specifically an area that is focused on Hi-Tech and the tech industry wing as it relates to education. I get it, these groups are almost always on their phones and, being that I'm also a blogger (still hard say), I'm almost always on my phone. So, picture my everyday with both jobs, my regular full time and blogging. It almost screams madness. What's important is that I get to dress comfortably while 'on my phone'. I hate to admit it but my head is usually down and it is quite easy to earn myself a spot on a viral YouTube video by walking into a post or, God forbid, walking into an ongoing vehicle.
I love the easy feel of this cardigan and I love wearing my flats. This denim pants is also both comfortable and trendy. Win-win.
What's your tech addiction?
Vince Plaid Cardigan and also love this one , Flared Denim, H&M Tank Top:similar here & here, Kate Spade Bag: similar here, here & here, Eyekonic Sunnies (gifted).  



  1. Such a cute look on you, loving the blues right now (so nice to see a bright color in drab winter:) ) - and anything tech, I'm addicted to...I have issues, lol. Have a great Monday love!


    1. Haha I guess we have much more similarities other than fashion itself. Totally agree but, look, it's warming up. Thank you love.

  2. I am not tech-savvy and to give you an example...I am struggling with the new Weight Watchers website and apps! There is no hope for me but I know what a darling look is and this is a dynamite one.

    1. Hahha! so funny. Take your time, we all have our tech-struggles. Thank you so much.


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