Birthday// Cumpleaños//Anniversaire//

"A girl should be two things, Classy and Fabulous" CoCo Chanel
Dress: Lulu*s (similar Here , Here , Here & Here -in red)
Sandals: Asos (similar Steve Madden & Joie Abbott)
Handbag: Chanel (love This & This-in pink)
Lips: Chanel
Earrings: Chanel (bought them for my birthday last year in store at South Coast Plaza)- similar Chanel & love these Chanel
Ring: Pandora
Necklace (birthday gift from my girlfriend ): Dogeared
Bangles: Givenchy (similar Givenchy & Givenchy
Posed on every Item I could at Jalan Jalan. Ha!
My guy ordered me the perfect cake. I was so surprised when we went to pick it up. I am not a cake person, but this was exceptional and fitting for my special day.  (Thanks babe)!
Jalan Jalan mini water fall
Sipping the last of my Latte before we head out.

Hello loves, as many of you know my birthday was 09/08 and I celebrated my 30th. Let me start by saying what that means to me. It means a sense of growth, appreciation for life and a blessed reason that I am alive today. The way I see age is in correlation to growth, and the beauty of being able to still exist on this earth. I know I live in a culture where aging is a dreadful experience but, the way I was raised (thankfully), age is gracious, wisdom, powerful & beautiful. With all that said, I am blessed and proud to be 30 year old woman with flaws and all.
Now let's get down to the fun stuff. Initially, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for my birthday. It's the same process every year. I dread the question "what are you doing for your birthday?" simply because I despise planning things for myself. I am naturally an indecisive individual, especially when it relates to myself. The other thing is my taste for my birthday celebrations never quite match my pockets! Ha. So, if I could have had it my way, I'd be sailing on a yacht in the south of France, sipping fine champagne, and snacking on fruits and caviar. Do you see my dilemma here?
Ok, back to reality. The above dreams couldn't happen so I decided I wanted to do something Zen and peaceful as it corresponds to where I am trying to take my life. I recently started practicing mediation and find that it really is an exceptional healing for the mind body and soul. I chose The Inn of The Seventh Ray , a beautiful, peaceful and quaint restaurant that has a creek alongside its outdoor seating (unfortunately the summer sun has dried it up). The atmosphere is very Zen and if you listen closely you can hear birds chirping. They are very accommodating and a lovely staff. The food is also exceptional. I celebrated with a few friends and family, brunch style and we enjoyed our Mimosas.
Once Brunch was over, we stopped by Jalan Jalan Imports where they sell unique stones and crafts. I picked up some lovely incense and then embarked on a photo shoot in the display yard (hence the clear difference in photos-some are professional, others IPhone- no rules on my bday). What's awesome about Jalan Jalan is that they have a mini waterfall (part artificial since they pump the water) and part natural. They also have these secluded meditation spots where you can sit and be at peace. They also embed speakers in those areas that play spa-like meditation music.
 Inside Jalan Jalan
 Mini Waterfall
Here's the link to my post on my birthday celebration last year Birthday// Cumpleanos// Anniversaire
Thanks for swinging by!


  1. Sounds beautiful! Happy 30th again, love! Stunning as always. xo

  2. Beautiful pics and happy belated birthday! Can't believe your guy picked that cake for you, sounds like a gem:)



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