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Hi Everyone, I just celebrated my birthday a few days ago. Initially I wasn't going to do a birthday post (as I said in about me section- I am a bit conservative). I wanted to keep the info of my birthday events private but after a few people asked me if I will post about my birthday I decided why not? After all it is a celebration so why not share? I didn't plan anything for myself, but my guy, who is the most romantic person, planned me a boat cruise dinner. I had such an amazing time. The cruise leaves from Marina Del Rey, CA and sails along the coast of Santa Monica Pier, Manhattan beach and Venice. It was 2.5 hours and it included a four course meal with additional amenities for your choosing, Dj and a dance floor, and toasts. As I said before, my style is quite simple, this outfit is what I would call my "norm" for going out. I love simple clean dresses and minimal jewelry. I did a full at home body scrub using Victoria's Secret Amber Romance body scrub and Body Shop Vitamin C Microdemabrasion for my face. I then sheen my body with organic coconut oil to give the perfect glow and, topped off my scent with CoCo Chanel Mademoiselle perfume. I love preparing myself for outings like these. 

Dress: ANGL (boutique-South Bay Galleria), Shoes: Christian Louboutin (Pigalle) , Watch (DKNY), Earrings: Chanel (similar) (the other pair of earring pictured are vintage, I went with the Chanel), Bracelet (Kate Spade), Lips: NYX Perfect Red, Handbag via TJmaxx.
I want to know how do you style and celebrate your birthdays...Do tell :)
As always, thank you for reading:) 


  1. Cherish that man honey!! ������

  2. Amazing as always from head to toe hon��. I'm so glad that you include some of your beauty/skin regimen because your skin is always glowing:).
    I don't really go out for my birthdays but I do splurge on myself by buying jewelry, handbags, shoes and such.
    Great post as always my fellow Virgo sistren...
    Oxo Sashon

    1. Thanks doll! I usually go out and end up spending too much. This year I splurged on myself and it felt better. Think I will start doing more of that like you. lol
      Thanks for sharing honey, and happy soon birthday. xoxo

  3. Again another awesome post and u are glowing from head to toe... am so jelly of ur skin lol.. its so flawless
    My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and even though I've always told myself I would do it big for the dirty 30, for this year I'm not gonna plan anything as my plans always falls through the crack prior years so I'm going with the flow.... i am putting together a few outfit ideas in my head tho so it'll be easier to narrow it down when the time comes.
    One tradition I always have over the years though is to treat myself to something really nice and expensive. I figure I'm always giving to others why not give to myself... lol
    Tata until ur next post.... hugs hun! :)

    1. Thanks Diana, body scrub every other day for 2 weeks and see the difference in your skin. Try it. Go to Marshalls or TJmaxx and buy any body scrub ($4-8). Get one with stronger pebbles. Victoria's secret one os good but their pebbles are softer. After you have trained your skin for two weeks you can go to a softer pebble just for maintenance. You have so much more in life to live and celebrate, maybe your 31st can be your true dirty thirty!
      I just picked up the buying myself something expnsv tradition and it feels good. Omg great rather. Love the idea of narrowing your outfits down. Make sure you post it on insta:)

      thanks babe:)


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