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Hi Loves!
If you were tuned into my Instagram (usually live and quick content so follow me there) then you knew I was out of town for the weekend. My fiancé and I went to Napa Valley for a fun weekend. I'll be sharing a post on my trip to Napa Valley on Friday. 
Napa Valley is only a 1hr 15mins flight from Los Angeles. JetSuiteX was kind enough to take us to and from Oakland (we flew into Oakland then drove to Napa). The cool thing about JetSuiteX is that there are no wait times and just getting there 15mins before departure is all the time you need. Literally no wait times-no hassle. It's such an easy and stress free way to fly. It's also pretty cheap when you think about the access and comfort. It's comparable to regular airlines prices and with the ease you get you'll likely go with them. It is semi-private flying so we shared the flight with a few other passengers. It was seamless and relaxing.
They are mostly on the West Coast, you can see where they fly to here. They have a lounge with coffee, snacks, drinks. We were also fed snacks, drinks, and liquor options on our flight. My fiancé and I were thinking, this is how we want to fly always. Our luggage both ways were an ease. Simply handed it over to one of the friendly customer service agent and picked it up within 5-10 mins of landing. One thing I also really liked-the friendly, relaxed and easy feel of the agents at the counter. They we all so warm and lovely. 
I promise, it's so worth it and you'll feel the ease and comfort in traveling like you've never felt before. Check out JetSuiteX here. Make sure to tell them I sent you. Not that they would know who I am-I just like saying that when I get excited to share some tips, brand or items. Hehe. 


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