Combating Sugar Cravings With The Revolutionary Sweet Defeat

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Hi Loves, 
I'm so filled with excitement and I have been wanting to share this with you all. So, I have been using these lozenge called Sweet Defeat. What it does is it helps to cut my sugar cravings and I take it before my meal, during the daytime or, when I feel a sugar craving come on. I even take it after one bite of something sweet. I was at first worried that it would have an aftertaste, which makes me feel sick. To my surprise it tasted like a regular piece of mint you would buy at the store. I kind of got a two-in-one; freshened breath and no sugar craving. I simply put it in on my tongue and it dissolves away. It'll cut the sweet craving for about an hour or so but you can take it multiple times throughout the day to resist the need for sugar intake. 
With my wedding coming up, I really wanted to focus on shedding a few pounds to fit my dream dress perfectly. I do work out and I maintain for the most part a healthy lifestyle. However, one of the hardest thing for me is to curb my sugar cravings. I'll go days not craving or consuming much sugar and then here comes the sugar devil on my shoulder-"get that ice cream" "eat all of the chocolate girl"  "you need those M&Ms at the counter-pick them up". You get what's happening here right? I often think "meh why not, I'm working out in the morning anyway". That is so not good.

Finally, a product I can use and trust especially that Sweet Defeat is made of high quality plant-based ingredients. I want to shake the hand of the founder and say "THANK YOU". 
Now, I know I am not the only one struggling here. I know many of you have your candy on deck-in your handbags, in your office drawers at work, on your bedside table, on your coffee table and all over your pantry. Oh, let's not forget that tub of ice-cream in your freezer. These are our go-tos, I know trust me. These are our stress relievers-but really are they?

It's time to combat the habit guys so, join me and let's do it together shall we? I'm on a mission to fit my dress for my wedding and even if you do not have a specific mission/goal, I need to have you on this journey with me. So, grab your first box of Sweet Defeat and here’s a code for 50% off your first box (STYLEWEEK50). I know you're going to tell me it changed your life.  
I really hope you found this post useful, Loves.
Come back and let me know what you think once you've tried it.



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