5 Simple Things To Do That Will Up Your Dress-Code + A Giveaway

Hey loves!
Me again. Hope your Monday is off to a fabulous start. You might be sitting at work, on your way to work, or just waking up and decided to give this post a read. I want to say thank you for continuously reading my blog. I always want to make today's read worth your while and so I wanted to share 5 simple little things you could do to help up your dress-code. 

1. Wear an accessory in a way it's not normally worn. For example, my scarf is actually a head scarf. I tied it in a bow it instantly added a lil prep to my look. 

2. Wear a bold lipstick. I know this can be hard especially for those who do not wear any lip color at all. Well, just dive for it, put on a red, orange or blue and just go. Ever notice how when someone wears something bold outside of the normal, you notice them and they almost always just look so good. 

3. Go simple and then add a statement piece. So. you wear a jeans and t-shirt with simple shoes and then add a over the top bidazzled or patch-work denim or leather jacket.

4. Try a pair of fun bright colored shoes. Again, go easy and simple with everything else. keep it monochrome and then add a hot pink, hot green, purple, or bright red shoes. 

5. Try menswear. Go into your spouse's, boyfriend, brother, uncle, son's closet...and pick a rad item that is clearly men's and wear it. 

Scroll below and enter the giveaway. Best of Luck. 



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