Taking A Break Around The Holidays To Enjoy My Blueberry Avocado Toast

Thanks to SIMPLY and US Highbush Blueberry Council for Partnering with me on this post. All opinions are 100 % my own. 
 Hi Loves,
Oh my, can you believe that the holidays are almost over? I feel like it was just yesterday I was talking about how excited I was for the holidays. With all that said, man did I have a busy holiday season this year. It was packed with blogging commitments, travel, and friends and family. With New Years Eve being today, I’m still in busy mode. However, I told myself I have to pause and take a break. 
My break in all the busyness includes adding some yummy blueberries to my palate; and one of my favorite things to eat is Blueberry-Avocado Toast. Blueberries are energizing and refreshing plus they make my food pretty and add that extra motivation to get my day going. 
I’ve been meaning to jumpstart on my beauty vision board for 2018, and what better way to do it, than to add a #BlueberryBreak from the holiday rush. Do you guys make vision boards too?
Aside from my beauty vision board, I’ve been meaning to read a book that I was gifted for my birthday and now, I finally used my #BlueberryBreak to finish it. 
Make sure to check out The Blueberry Council Pinterest account and Instagram page. The US Highbush Blueberry Council is currently running a giveaway so make sure you enter HERE for a chance to win a Kiehl's gift card. 
You can get fresh blueberries all year round, so don’t forget to enhance your palate with them, and show me how you enjoy yours. 
My Blueberry Avocado Toast is super easy to make: 
2 slices of bread
6oz Blueberries 
1 Avocado
1 pinch salt
Dash of red pepper flakes 
Dash of dill 
1 teaspoon soy sauce to garnish

Mash and mix your avocado & salt
Add avocado mixture on toasted bread
Sprinkle red pepper flakes, dill, and soy sauce
 Wishing you all good things for the new year and thanks for reading and being a part of my blog. All my love. 


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  1. Oh this is the best ever blog! When I first read blueberry avocado toast I thought it was going to be a recipe for a face mask! It only got better...the pink mug, it is so perfect for you (I only wish I had gifted you with it), the book is a great, fun read and there is not a better choice in paper napkins than a Paris design one.


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