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The post was sponsored by BodyBid, but all thoughts are my own.  
Hi Loves. Today I want to talk about a deep topic within the beauty spectrum, and that topic is plastic surgery. A few weeks ago a few girlfriends and I were having a chat about plastic surgery and what it meant to us. We all were of the same thought that if and when necessary, we're all for it. We talked about breast implants once we have kids, tummy tucks, and possibly face lift when we are older. I know it is quite vain but really most of us women are. I think the fine line is balance. This led me to look into what's out there and I came upon BodyBid. BodyBid is a platform that connects patients with over 6,000 American Board of Plastic Surgery certified surgeons. The surgeons you are in touch with are reputable experts in their field and up to date with all of the best-practices when it comes to surgery.

Through BodyBid patients can request a “bid” on the surgery they are seeking and certified surgeons in the search radius will respond with a quote, allowing you to privately consult and find the best surgeons at a price that you can afford. You can also expect to feel security and privacy the platform affords- you can find doctors for your surgery from the privacy of your own home. A big part of me is very private (yea says every blogger) but really, I am. I'd prefer to surf the web in the comfort of my home instead of hopping from doctor to doctor. The thought of small talk with multiple receptionist or running into strangers kind of makes me timid.
Here's  how BodyBid works is:
Choose the procedure(s) you want.
Search for American Board of Plastic Surgery certified surgeons who are able to perform the procedure. You can search for surgeons either within the entire US or set the radius of distance you'd like to search by. 
Request that surgeons send you a bid on your surgery.
Surgeons email you with their quotes.
I'm also fond of seeming convenience of using it in that you do not have to spend time traveling to different doctors before finding the right one - BodyBid puts you in touch with a number of surgeons who will give you a quote on your surgery.
When it comes to plastic surgery, it's a choice for many women and men who feel they need or want  a little pick me up. It doesn't hurt if it really makes one feel better, in my opinion. My girlfriends felt the same that as long as it is not extreme of finding a way to deal with inner issues through plastic surgery, it is all ok. 
I'm curious about how you feel about plastic surgery. Have you done any work before? Would you?
Did this post give you any kind of insight/comfort/questions etc?
Comment and let me know.
Have a great rest of week, Loves.


  1. Wow I would love to try this site. I want to have my turkey neck tightened up and a Dermatologist from my "neck" of the woods referred me to a Dr. who wrote the book on this type of facial surgery. I am interested to see if this Dr. would be listed and the price range for this neck removal! Thank you for the post.

  2. Like you said everyone has the right to do what they want with their body, but plastic surgery is not for everyone xo, Suzanne

  3. I believe I'll do some face lifts when necessary. I am pretty self-conscious about my under eye area, so I will start with some shots first;) but I am not against plastic surgery when it's done right. Great article!

  4. This is actually pretty cool! I totally agree with you on plastic surgery! I'm in if it's necessary!
    You look so gorg by the way!

  5. This is a cool site, like shopping for doctors! I have not thought about plastic surgery but after having had two kids, the idea of a boob lift or tummy tuck def have came across my mind. I might check out this website to gather some information.

    ~ xo Sheree

  6. This is such a great idea! I have no plans to have plastic surgery anytime soon, but this is a great reminder that if it makes you happier and more confident...do it!

  7. I love your thoughtful review and recap of their services! I'll definitely look into this.

  8. Thank you for sharing this useful information! It's good to know there is a platform where patients can be connected with certified professionals! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  9. I haven't done any work yet, but I'm totally open to plastic surgery. My mom always used to say I needed a nose job and boob job. Hahahaha, now I know where I can go to get quotes!


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