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Hello again loves. It is the last day of May can you believe it? I mean, I know we always say the same thing at the end of each month as if we didn't know it is going to happen. We do know that each month has to close and that it is the cycle of life, but, we shall still be in amazement as to how quickly time flies. Today, the last day in May, I will be reviewing my Pixi Beauty products that I have tested out over the past 2+ weeks and I must say I have fallen in love with Pixi Beauty

First up is this Makeup Fixing Mist. This mist is made with Rose Water and Green Tea and I could tell the boost of freshness as it hits my face. I found it to be a great setting spray once I applied all my make up. It really helps to set and keep my make-up in place all day. When I say all day, I mean from my 9-5 to happy hour to home, all day. I also tested it out only on my cheek over my blush and it really gave my cheek a heightened sparkly glow. 
Let's talk about this Lash Line Ink that is made to perfection. I really like this liner especially that I do not wear heavy liners and the tip is just the perfect size to swipe once and to give me that thin, sleek, yet glam swoop of liner over my eye lids. I usually have to run other liners twice or three times for them to actually show but this was just one swipe. It dried quickly
and the best perk, it is water resistant. So, I suggest popping this baby in your make-up and wear this before you head to any weddings this Summer (hello tears, you will not mess up my make-up) Hehe!
Yes, to this miracle in a bottle! Yes yes yes! Loves, this H2O Skindrink is everything. It is gel-like in texture and when I applied it to my skin, it left it feeling super silky, hydrated, and refreshed.  
This was my favorite product in of them all, the Hydrating Milky Serum . Why? My skin has really been stubborn and dull lately. I often get frustrated that my skin doesn't look as great as it use to especially with make-up. One key thing to remember is that your make-up will only look flawless if you have beautiful skin. I was so happy to use a product that really helped to give me that burst of natural radiance while giving my skin hydration and leaving it feeling smooth and soft. 
Blushed out baby! Here's my favorite part about this Beauty Blush Duo, It comes with a blush brush and it comes in two shades Peach Honey- which I have here & Rose Gold). I do not know about you, but with me? I enjoy a 2-for-1 bargain. I enjoyed this blushed, it was subtle but I also felt that it probably would have suited someone with a lighter complexion and the Rose Gold tone would have suited my complexion better. To get it to my perfect fitting, I simply swiped another blush with more gold tones over it an that did the trick. 
This Tinted Brilliance Balm in Baby Bare was perfect for days when I didn't want to be dramatic yet still wanted to maintain some level of chic. It has soft pink color tone and it suited my lips very well. I always go for balms that have some tint in them, because why waste time with bland, colorless balms. It lasted a good five hours before I had to reapply but, if you consider the multiple sips of tea I take throughout the day, I'd say it is a winner. 
I've always said this and I live by it, cleansing cloths are a must. I love using cleansing cloths as a pre-clean step before washing my face. It is also very nice to have a moisturizing one such as these Moisturizing Cleansing Cloths. I am cleaning and moisturizing at the same time. I could tell that my skin was loving the oils embedded in these cloths and I really appreciate that. 

As always darlings
Thank you for reading


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