Bodysuit & Floral Culotte

Hi loves!
So I went into Nordstrom Rack a few weeks back to find a simple cute little item to wear to a movie premiere I got invited to. You know how we are, we get an invite, we head to the store. I live for online shopping but the invite was so last minute I wouldn't have had the time so I ran to my local store.  I really didn't want to spend more than $50 on my outfit so I very attentive to items that caught my attention. I headed to the clearance section first, and in between all the racks of items (that's why I do not like in store shopping), I saw this pretty little floral culotte staring at me and pretty much waving "hey pick me". I pulled it out and nervously check the price and to my surprise it was $21. I hit the jackpot!!!! I felt like, oh well I still have another 20+ dollars to spend, so I found a summer summer dress, with a price tag of $17.  I went to cash out and the cashier said "the culottes are .01 cent and your dress is $11 dollars". I looked up at my guy, who was with me with widened eyes and with hesitation I said "ma'am, you said .01. cent?" she said "yes". I said "OK", please cash me out so I can GO. Now, I've really hit the JACKPOT!!!!!

It was my lucky day darlings and I'm enjoying my .01cent culottes. I paired it with this bodysuit I picked up at Forever 21 earlier this year. I tried searching for the exact culotte I'm wearing to link it for you guys but, I couldn't find it. So, I've added a few other options in case you were looking for something like this. Sorry, I couldn't find anything for .01 cent. hehe!
Thank you for swinging by today guys!
As always, appreciate you reading my blog.

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