The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone

Happy Holidays to you all. Firstly, thank you all for following my blog and keeping up with me as I express my lifestyle and fashion art with you. I wish you and your families a lovey holiday season.
Today I'm sharing this ultimate holiday gift guide for everyone in your family. I've categorized them below but, who knows your friends and families better than you do?
The holiday season is a special the time to celebrate with each other, be merry and grant wishes or surprises. I hope this list helps you especially if you are stuck or undecided as to what to get your loved ones. We are only a week out from Christmas day, so, If you haven't ordered your gifts makes sure you do them now so that they can be in your home by Christmas eve.
Here are a few tips for shopping for your holiday gifts:
-If you're shopping online, remember to use expedited options such as amazon prime, shop runner or store's options
-To make it easier for you, select the gift wrap option on your orders
-Check to see if you can pick your items up in a store near you rather than have it shipped to you.You can order online, select gift wrapping and just pick up and put it under the tree.
-Remember to use credit card that gives you shopping points e.g. (Discover, Amex etc.)

For Her:

Simple gifts are always the nicest gifts. A special monogramed throw, a mug with a heart, perfect stockings or faux fur throws will really make her heart smile.

For Him:
Guys are generally easy to shop for. They are necessity type of people. Get them their necessary pieces and they'll be just happy with that. A cool watch, a money holder, a small gadget such as a polaroid camera or a new scent. He'll love it, trust me.

For Kids:

Kids are just so excited that 'santa' is bringing them something. Many times they are just happy that 'santa' thought they were nice and they got something from him. Here are a few ideas for the kids.

Timeless/Classic Gifts:

Timeless/Classic gifts are a great way for saying 'I know you have everything but here is another thing to add to your already classic collection'. Chanel No5 is the epitome of class and classic. A monogrammed pair of PJs, every woman's love- Tiffany & Co or a classic bag in a timeless color. I know you get the drift:)

Trending Gifts:

Trending gifts are always a great idea to have loved ones try out. Try these and judge base on personality which would fit your loved ones better.

Hope this simple Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide was helpful.

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