My Cozy Christmas Tree Decor

Hello loves:
In the spirit of the Holidays I'm sharing my Christmas Tree. Every year we buy a real Christmas tree. I love supporting a boys and girl's club or a long standing Christmas tree farm but, for the last two years we got our Christmas Tree at Home Depot. It is conveniently close to our home and we figured it's easier to transport it.
I usually don't theme my Christmas Tree (maybe next year I'll try a theme décor), I generally go with a basic color scheme. This year, I went with cozy and simple. The general idea was to have earthy tones mixed with Christmas colors here and there. I used Burlap to skirt and rim my tree. Burlap is such a versatile item. After skirting and rimming, I sprayed my tree with snow spray to tone down the green and a the fun idea of snow on the tree. Then added clear lights. After the lights, I moved on to adding décor balls in earthy tones of gold & bronze.
 I added a few small balls that were green, red and a mixture of both. To finish it off, I added green, red and green & red bows around the tree.
It's so simple and easy to create a cozy Christmas tree in your home. I had a great time decorating as I listened to Christmas songs and carols while decorating. It took me about three evenings after work to get it done, especially that last Summer I threw out all of my Christmas décor:( It was fun getting new ones.
Finally, along the bar, I added a Poinsettia , candles and some gorgeous blocks that spells Christmas. I threw some pines and tree trimmings on the candle platter to enhance the smell of our home.
I also have a wreathe on my door and a bowl of cinnamon scented pines at the front door on entering our home. Believe me, it smells divine in our home.

I hope you guys enjoy



  1. A creative, embellished tree for a loving home. Enjoy the glimmer of it all!

    1. it was such a lovely holiday esp. with this Christmas tree. Hope yours was just a wonderful.

  2. Very interesting blog. A lot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that attract others, but I'm most definitely interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know.

    1. You are very sweet and I appreciate the time you took to read my blog and comment. it truly means a lot. Really! Thank you so much:)


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