Make Your Home Smell Like The Holidays

I just wanted to quickly share with you guys a lovely way to make your home smell like a a cozy room/house of Holiday spices. This is pretty much your stove top Potpourri. It is so easy to make and you can add your own spices. This is a great way to enhance the scent of Fall and Christmas in your homes as you enjoy dining and spending time with friends and family. It's super easy and you do not need exact measurements or specifications.

Here's what you'll need and what to do:

Cinnamon Sticks
Rose/Almond Water
Live Christmas Tree pines/branches
Oil of your choice (I used grape seed oil)

Place about 4-5 cups of water in a boiling pan, add about 1/4 cup of oil of your choice then pour all of the other ingredients in. Set flame about midway to get it to boil, once begins boiling, turn flame as low as possible and let it simmer and steam. The steam and scent will spread throughout your home and it's just magical. 

Easy peasy!

Happy Holidays loves. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Yay!

Water & Oil
Add Cranberries
 Add Oranges
 Add Rosemary (4-5 stems is good)
 Add Ginger (I slit mine)
 Add Nutmeg (You can also use clove)
 Add Pimento
 Add Branches/pines from a Christmas tree (live)
 Add Cinnamon (I only had two sticks left in my pantry or else, I'd use about 4.
Add Rose Water
 Add Vanilla


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