Finding The Right Olay Moisturizer

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Hi guys!
I know many of us struggle to find the right moisturizer for our skincare needs so I've written this post as a start in helping you to identify the right moisturizer for YOU. I have friends who are anti-moisturizer and I always have to convince them when they cleanse their faces, exfoliating ingredients will remove some of the skin oils which often leads to over-dying. Everyone needs moisturizer, no matter the skin type. A daily surge of hydration is pertinent to good skin.
Now, Olay has a few moisturizers and I love and I trust their brand. However, I know not every single moisturizer is for me or for you, too. This is why I took the quiz to find out which one was best for me.  I decided to steadily use both the Olay Regenerist Whip and Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream to see which one was best for me. Based on my responses on the quiz and after use, it turned out, the Olay Micro-Sculpting Cream was the perfect one for me. Here's my breakdown of what I loved about both moisturizers.

It kept my skin intensely moisturized throughout the day
My skin felt and looked firmer
I experienced long lasting hydration which I absolutely loved
It also comes in a fragrance-free option

As with all the Whip products, I love the barely there feel on my skin
It absorbs super quick so this is great for busy on-the-go individuals
I really love the matte finish on my skin
This also comes fragrance-free
Now that I've shown you the quiz and then having tried these two Olay Moisturizers. I recommend that you take the quiz and see which one the answers lead you to. Then get that moisturizer and enjoy intense moisture that your skin will love and thank you for :)


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