A Shirt-Dress & Jeans Kinda Day

Hi Loves,
Somedays, I find it super hard to find what to wear. I know sounds crazy considering my closet is full of clothes. My grandmother used to say to me "Yuh have tuh much till yuh canfuse"-meaning I have too many options that all those options confuses me. Ha! She's a character I tell ya. 
Well, mama, it's still the same as an adult plus it doesn't help that I'm a true Virgo and even analytical about what I wear, when I wear and how I wear my clothes. I remember getting dressed this day early in Fall and the first thing I threw on were these free people jeans that I love so much. They are high-waist jeans and they always make me feel slimmer around my waist.
 I had put on a t-shirt with it but it just wasn't cutting it for me that day. I then put on a tank and a cardigan-nope still not working. So I reached for this army green button up shirt-dress I bought on sale during the summer and viola it worked. 
I was already obsessing over these heels since I got them back in September and I was happy they paired well with the look. They're so comfortable and has a pretty high gloss texture, plus they are under $50. 
So, here's my Shirt-Dress & Jeans Kinda Day look :)




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