The Most Functional Decor Piece In My Home

 Happy Friday, Loves!
I wanted to share this quick post with you regarding the most functional decor piece in my home. Yes, it's my floor length mirror. I absolutely love this mirror. When we moved into our condo last year, a floor length mirror was on top of my list. I really wanted something that was both decorative and functional. It sits in my bedroom at one side of my bed and, It's severs as a functional and decorative piece. I oped for this mirror as opposed to the traditional night stand.  
Once I get dressed, I can stand alongside my bed or further back towards my closet and see my look head to toe before heading out. Another reason for me placing my mirror here was that I have excellent natural light flowing in form my bedroom window. That way, I can see clearly what I am wearing or how I look. 

I highlight my mirror by placing my bedside basket with extra blankets. It adds a nice touch of chic to the space and take away the bland look of simply placing the mirror only. This mirror also has a nice gold and cream design which compliments my bed and ties in with some of the color tone of the painting above my bed. 
I wouldn't quite call myself a minimalist but, I enjoy clean, chic, and simply look to my living space.

Here are a few options if you're thinking about getting a floor length mirror- Here, Here, Here & Here or check out services such as Havenly for amazing interior design help.

Havenly is a trusted site where you can get design help from actual professional interior designers. They will literally do all the design work and recommend products etc for your home.  

I'd love to know what decor piece you have in your home that you absolutely love or what piece is multi-functional for you. A pull out sofa sleeper, storage ottomans? Do tell. 
Thanks for reading, Loves.



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