A Chic Way To Organize Your Jewelry

Hi Loves!
I know I am not the only one who has an avalanche of fashion jewelry. Seriously, you can never go to a store and simply check-out without grabbing a ‘cute’ piece of fashion jewelry. It happens to me all the time. Therefore, I am constantly forgetting to wear pieces or simply throwing them out. To contain myself and to keep myself organized, I decided I need to pick up a few pieces of jewelry holders. I bought these at T.J. Maxx but, I linked  a few other options below.

I decided to organize the items I wear the most which as you can tell are simply easy pieces. I am organizing my earrings and rings and two necklaces that I wear weekly. 
I love the unique design of these bowls and the cute quote “grow old with me, the best is yet to come”,  I bought two of these and one with a head-horn. I simply separated my earrings, place them in one bowl and voila!
I did the same thing for my rings, sorted and separated them and place them in the other matching bowl. This makes it so easy to spot and pick what I want to wear on a  given day
I generally wear one of two necklaces during the week, especially my work week. I tend to  amp it up on the weekends by wearing statement necklace or on special occasions. Considering that these are the main ones, I decided to use this tray with the horns to keep them right at my fingertips. The horns also help to hold my necklaces in a position that makes it hard to tangle. This is really good since it can be so time consuming trying to untangle a necklace, especially if you are running late for work, meeting etc. You will notice that I also have four pairs of earrings in this tray. These are almost always my picks during the week. I put them here so that it is even easier to grab and go. 

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  1. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you dear, you're so sweet. Appreciate it. xoxo

  2. Love these Keyma! What great way to organize your jewelry, I love that tray with the horns. Stylish and functional :)

    xo, jackie

    1. Thanks Jackie, so happy you like. I know right? the horns are so cute and give a really chic vibe. muah!


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