Soft Glam Make-Up with 2nd Love Cosmetics

This is the complete look. Follow below to see how I achieved this look.
Here I just laid my foundation (MAC & Mary Kay combined) & powder (Laura Geller)
 I proceeded to make a simple-subtle cat eye with 2nd Love Cosmetics Eyeliner Gel -It comes with a brush
It may be hard to see right here but my subtle cat eye is in full effect:)
I then proceeded with 2nd Love Rose Mascara
Do not act like ya'll don't make funny ugly faces when putting on your mascaras. Sitting there judging me. Hehe!
Once am done with my mascara I added this gorgeous 2nd Love Cosmetics Baked & Marble Blush
I love a blush that gives me the right glow while blending perfectly with my skin tone.
Check out my cheek and that bronzy glow. Perfection!
Finally, to amp it all up and make it glam I rolled on this pretty Luxe Lace in Romance lipstick
Kisses *-*
Here is a better shot of my mini cat-eye

Here is the final product of my soft glam. You like?

I am so excited to be testing out new make-up and adding more content to the beauty section of this blog. As some of you may know, or realize, I am big on simple make-up. In everything I do, less is always more. I just feel more confident and glam so this is my choice. I am happy to share how I achieved this look with you using 2nd Love Cosmetics.
 I loved everything they sent me except that I wish the mascara brittle was not so thick. I couldn't quite get in deep in the inner sections of my eyes. However, I loved how clean and clump free the mascara content was.
Lets talk about the lips loves, OMG. It was only about two years ago that I decided to start actively wearing lipsticks. I love this shade of pink, I actually think it looked better in person than on these pictures. It goes perfectly against my skin and minimalism on the rest of my face.  I also loved the blush as it gave me not too much and not too little cheek action.
Finally, my fave product, the gel eye-liner, wow! I literally threw out my other gel eye-liners after I used this one. I loved how clean and easy it was to put on. I generally struggle with making  a cat-eye or adding liner to my eyes with the ones I had before. I think the trick was that this gel liner is semi-sold and, if you have shaky hands like I do, this works better. Totally my new fave beauty product.
Hope you enjoyed this post. I promise to be more involved with the beauty content for you guys.
have a great day



  1. I'm such a minimalist when it comes to make-up as well. Pretty!!

    1. Totally, I feel weird if I do too much on my face, like it's not myself I am looking it at in the mirror. Glad you like hon. Thanks!

  2. Beautiful! I love it and yes love how you're switching it up and adding more content as you said :)
    You should do a healthy lifestyle section if you can... I know you did a 30 day eating clean challenge before but this time I'm talking about like an exercise routine if you have one... xoxo

    1. Thank you hon. I will really try to be a bit more active in these other sections of my blog. Promise.
      I posted an 30 days exercise routine around the same time I posted the clean eating post. That's actually the routine I follow when I am really working out (cough cough*) lol
      Here it is/ or click health and beauty and you will see :

      I will try to add more:)
      appreciate your feedback.

  3. I don't use makeup unless going to a wedding. Am loving this minimal look will definitely try it when going out for dinner or at a party. Love it



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