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Well hello loves:)
Can you believe it is almost July? time surely goes by fast. Today I wanted to bring you an awesome piece of clothing, the ever coveted denim jacket. Now, if you've been following this Blog or my Instagram (@styleweekender), then you would have picked up on my love for denim. However, there is something super special about this piece of denim. It is made from Hemp and is created in the most sustainable manner, which helps with protecting our environment and the things that live in it.
I was super amazed by the product quality upon arrival. It was soft and textured to detail. It moves when my body moves and the added fact that the hemp blend is certified organic cotton made me fell even more in love. This piece really made me think about what I put on my body. The reality for me is that I eat as much organic food as I can, why not wear as many organic clothing as I can. Learn more about this company- Forever Faded Jeans
I wanted to share with you all something special to me, the beach. I grew up going to the beach almost every Sunday. When I migrated to the U.S 10 years ago to be exact, for the first few months I would often become extremely nostalgic for my home county, Jamaica (just in case you didn't know). For every time I was sad and missing home, I would take a drive down to this beach where I shot these pictures. This was one of the very few things that made me feel 'at home' or slightly a connection to home. I must admit, the ocean/beach isn't the same everywhere-Haha! A new move is never easy, so if there is anyone reading this blog post and is experiencing anything similar, I suggest you align yourself with anything that reminds you of the thing you are missing. Try it!
Denim Jacket c/o: Forever Faded Jeans , Dress: Sheinside-similar Here & Here, Floral Headband: Forever21-similar Here & Here , Sandals: Tory Burch, Clutch- Ted Baker (similar)
Have a great week everyone



  1. Such a sweet story:) You look fantastic...there's just something about a denim jacket and pretty white dress!


    1. I totally agree with you Laura, it is such a classic combo. Thank you.

  2. I'm like super excited and so happy you made this post... I have a photo shoot with the kids this weekend and i had no idea what i was gonna wear but immediately after seeing your post my light bulb went off... I'm so gonna copy this look and use it also as an inspiration for the kid's outfits... now if I can just find a nice white flowy cotton dress for Jade... lol
    Even if I don't I'm still copying this look for myself and I'll be sure to tag you. ... xoxox
    Luv u gurl :)

    1. Ahh am so HAPPY it inspired you honey! This is why I like blogging. I love the idea of strong women empowering each other even in fashion. Make sure you tag me. I realllyyyyy hope you find Jade a white dress to match yours too. Ahh so cute. muah, love you too my sis<3


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