The Best Face Moisturizer With SPF For Working From Home

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Working from home has been my routine for almost two years now. I had it down to a science what my weeks and days would look like. However a lot has changed for me over the past few months. Not only did I have a baby but the current events has really forced me to change my whole work from home routine. I wanted to walk you through what I call my effective new mom, new normal routine looks like. 
I get up about two hours before my baby to get things going in mornings. I head to the bathroom for a quick shower and spend some extra time on my skin. This is my treat to myself in the mornings. Spending quality time to tend to my skin gives me a fresh and energizing feeling. It's like if my skin looks and feels great, I feel good in my overall vibe. My routine is also minimal but really filled with care, especially when it comes to moisturizing and protecting my skin. Olay definitely has some of the best face moisturizers with SPF and I'm loving this Olay Regenerist Whip with SPF 40. You'd be surprise how important SPF is even while working from home. My rule of thumb is, if its daytime, SPF is a must. Olay Regenerist Whip SPF 40 is light, absorbable, breathable, all while giving me good moisture to maintain my skin all day. You know how some SPF products gives that sticky feeling on your skin,? not this moisturizer- it's light as air and that’s why I label it the best face sunscreen. Most days I am make-up free but if I feel the need for a little foundation or so, this moisturizer is also super blendable and works great under my makeup. I feel good knowing I am giving my skin the care and attention it needs and I feel it definitely shows. 

 Once I am done giving my face that extra care and attention, I make myself a good cup of coffee. For some of you it may be tea, water, green juice etc. I love the aroma of coffee in my home in the mornings, it just does something to me and gets me into a productive mood. This is also self-care for me. If it makes me happy and get my vibe going, I am all for it.  
STEP 3: 
I usually crank up the music to my current favorite song while making my coffee. I do a little dance and shuffle my way to set up computer, planner, and essentials to get my day going. 
Once am all done, I then make my way to my computer with a yummy cup of coffee, a moisturized and nourished skin, to get as much as I can before my baby wakes up. Again, this is such a new normal for me but having to adjust waking up 2hrs or so before her is paramount. It makes me one happy mama throughout the day. 
I hope you found this post useful. I hope your biggest takeaway is the importance of self-care and using SPF even when working from home. You should definitely try Olay Regenerist Moisturizer SPF 40. I couldn't recommend it more especially if you're in the market for a face moisturizer with SPF. 
Have a great day.


  1. Your skin looks so healthy!


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