Try These Gummy Vitamins For Skin, Hair, Sleep

I was having a conversation with a friend recently and it led to us talking about how we treat our bodies and how we've been feeling since we've had to quarantine at home over the last few weeks. I personally am obsessed with vitamins. I recently stopped taking my prenatal vitamins but definitely replaced right away with regular vitamins. I'm particularly fond of gummy vitamins (I take pills too) but gummy is a little bit more attractive, easier to 'take' and taste so much better. Anyhoo, I recommended to my friend that she try out these ones that I've been taking for the last two weeks. I figured I would hop on here and share them too. These are all so great and taste so so good. It's important not to eat more than suggested amount even though you'll be tempted to hehe!
I take this Good Skin from Glow Habit and are just so good with my skin. I don't look to Vitamins for a miracle, I do so for maintenance and a mix into my lifestyle. I have a solid morning and evening skincare routine and adding these into my daily care is great. This Vitamin is great to help hydrate the skin from within. It has Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C which are great for  having healthy and beautiful skin. 
Again, I am obsessed with this happy hair one, I even notice a change in my nails too. I am unable to go to the nail salon for upkeep so this is good for me. I have some post natal shedding about 5 weeks ago and this has really helped with thickening it back. I figure it's because it has Biotin, Vitamin-E and C. I could tell within a week the difference on my hair. 
Okay, here's my trick for restless evenings or if you want to get a good nights sleep. Being a new mom, lack of sleep comes with the territory. Sometimes I'm just so drained from lacking sleep. I take two of these at least 3o mins before bed and I get to sleep as sound as my baby. Those nights, my husband is on full duty and mama gets a little rest. Also, I love that I don't wake up groggy thanks to the melatonin. I also love these ones from Vicks. Both are great. 

This HUM Glow Glow is also so good for the skin. They're Vegan and taste great. They are cute little heart shape and just yummy. It also has Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C just like the Glow Habit one. 

Try them and see how you like it. 
Hope you found this post useful. 


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