Favorite Hand Soaps That Does Not Dry Out Skin

Ok, here are some of my favorite hands soaps. All but one I have used for a few years and I love them. It's so important to use hand soaps that doesn't dry out the skin and is actually good for the skin. Three of these are made with clean ingredients. I love that I do not have to worry so much about damaging my skin especially because I wash my hands so much throughout the day. 

This Love Beauty & Planet Hand Soap is refreshing and doesn't dry out my hands. The brand is overall very eco-friendly and makes amazing products. They have quite a few different scents in their hand soaps and I have loved every single one I've used. The scent is also very subtle. 
Raw Sugar is another amazing brand that makes really good hand soaps. It's soft and gentle on my hands and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. Also made with natural ingredients. They cold-press real fruits and vegetables to make their products. I use their body wash an dit's amazing. You get a big bottle too for the price which I love. 

I absolutely love Mrs Meyers' products and their hand soaps are a staple in my home. I use a lot of this brand in my kitchen and overall my home. I love all of their scents. They usually have seasonal scents to which are just as good as any. Again, doesn't leave your hand dry or cracked. All of their scents are just so good. 
Lastly is this Bath and Body Works hand soap. I am especially fond this foam soap and above all things the scent. I don't know why but I love to smell the aroma of this Eucalyptus after washing my hands. This is why I included it in my round up. 

I have a hand soap in every room where there is a pipe. Both bathrooms and in my kitchen. 
I've used and still do use plenty other hand soaps but these are definitely some of my faves and repeat ones. 

Hope you found this post useful. 


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