How To Make A Milk Bath

During my pregnancy, I had a bunch of items on a checklist of things I really wanted to do which included, taking a picture of my bump, do a shoot by the ocean, do a belly cast, and a slew of other things including a milk bath. I was literally at the nine month mark and I decided 3 days before my due date that I MUST DO THIS MILK BATH. I really wanted one of those flower filled milk baths with all the colors but I was too pregnant to prepare for it. I wasn’t going to have this baby pop out and I wasn’t going to wait another minute. I went into my kitchen, looked around and realized I had fresh eucalyptus-a day old in a flower jar and fresh rosemaryI just picked up from the market that same day. I also had one week old roses that still looked great. My well intentioned floral milk bath turned into a herb milk bath and it was EVERYTHING. I used 5 simple things:
12 stalks Eucalyptus 
12 stalks of Rosemary
1 dozen Pink Roses
1 Gallon of Milk (milk powder can also be used.
Luke-warm bath water
I simply filled my bath almost halfway with luke-warm water, then added the gallon of milk. Once I did that, I proceeded to add Eucalyptus and Rosemary. I added the roses last because the water was warm and I didn’t want them to start to wither. Once it was all in, it was go time. I hopped in and my husband took some amazing shots. 

For my outfit, I’m actually wearing my bridal robe from my wedding, a white lace bra-let and white lace underwear. To contrast the white outfit, white milk bath and white bathroom, I wore this fun pink lip to match the roses. It was super easy and came out beautifully. I was just so happy I didn’t stress myself out with an over the top photo shoot because this was so easy and so beautiful beyond my dreams. 
If you’re planning a milk bath, pregnant or not, this is easy and inexpensive. You don’t need much or a photographer. Simply shoot when you have the best natural light or i’d take a lot of photos at home, invest in one of these ring lights. I have one at home and it does wonders when we take photos inside. 

Have fun with your milk bath. I can’t wait to do another one with my baby girl now that she is here. 

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