Meet The Conair Cordless Auto Curler You Must Try

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  Hey Loves!

I'm so excited to share this post with you guys. I haven't done a hair beauty post in a while. Now, meet the newest breakthrough device from Conair -- the  UNBOUND Cordless Auto Curler I have been in love with this new device for the past few weeks. I am not usually one to curl my hair often because I get bored just standing there and it takes too long. Well, this Conair UNBOUND Cordless Auto Curler has changed my life and has taken all the work out of curling my hair! 

It’s a cordless, rechargeable device that makes getting long-lasting beautiful curls and waves more convenient than ever. It's super easy to use and I love that it is travel friendly -- because it’s cordless you can use it on-the-go without being plugged into a wall (or the hassle of adapters). I won't be taking another trip without it, that's for sure. Let's get into how to use it and how I created these beautiful curls in my hair. 
One it’s fully charged, you’ll get about 1 hour of cordless curling time. I fully curled my hair in about 15 mins. It has three control buttons which helps to set the heat temperature, curling direction (left, right, mixed).
  Step one: Prepare about 1/2-1 inch section of your hair.
Step 2: Choose your heat setting and select your curl direction. Press and hold the start button to begin curling. The cool thing is that the chamber will automatically wrap the hair around the inner barrel based on the curl direction you selected. So easy!  It also has a ceramic easy-glide coated surface, so my hair easily glides over the curl chamber. Hold it until the device beeps to indicate that you're all done. 
Step 3: Release the button and pull the auto curler down to reveal your beautiful curls. It’s like a pro stylist is just sitting in your hands without any of the effort!
 How simple and easy was that? I am so in love with this curler and I cannot get over it. I'm pretty sure you will be seeing me with more curls moving forward. I was thinking the other day, this is such a great tool for me especially since I am becoming a mom pretty soon. It will save time and keep me fabulous. Another thing I like is how quiet it is!, It barely has a low sound to indicate it is in use. I can see myself using this to curl my hair on the go and literally anywhere when I need a touch up in a pinch... in the car, at the gym, in a public bathroom... Ha!

I'm also thinking about gifting it to a few of my favorite gals this holiday. I love gifting my friends and family practical gifts that I know will change their lives. 
I hope you enjoyed this post and if you're looking for a hair curler to change your life, this is it



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