Birdies Slippers: Chic & Comfortable

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 Hi Guys,
Let's talk footwear today shall we?! It been almost one year since I first put my feet in a pair of Birdies slippers. I remember because it was the same exact day Meghan Markle got married to Prince Harry. I remember my initial reaction on top of the fact that they were pretty, was that they were extremely comfortable. It felt like I was walking on a bed of clouds. I thought, no way could a pair of slippers be both chic and comfortable. But, alas, Birdies is exactly that. Oh, it is no coincidence that I mentioned Meghan Markle, too. Birdies are her favorite flats and she's been a fan of them even before Harry. 

When I was deciding on proposal gifts for my bridesmaids, Birdies was atop my list but, I opted for something else because most of my girls already owned Birdies. Of course these would be perfect for destination weddings, too. They are great for travel, casual days, dress up days. I currently own 5 pairs of Birdies, each of them different styles and I wear them more than any other footwear I own. 
I really want to highlight their bridal collection as it is dreamy and in every sense of the word, fabulous. In these shots I'm wearing The Songbird style in Snow Crystal Color. I't been three weeks since I got married and so I am still in the bliss of a new bride. I feel like Meghan Markle is too. So, to honor Birdies and in true essence of a new bride, I style my current favourite pair with a chic white shirt dress. I styled it with Meghan in mind too, I really think she would approve my outfit. Ha!
So guys, if you don't own a pair of Birdies, I suggest you get one on your next shoe spend. 
You will absolutely love it and be warned, you might become addicted just like I did. 
PS- I wore their open-toe slide in style The Sparrow in Black while on my honeymoon in South Africa. It was perfect for walking around Cape Town all day. 



  1. I must confess, I did not know about Birdies until I saw your Blog on them over a year ago. I had never seen them in the dept. stores I frequented, or in women magazines. I was clueless. Then about 6 months ago I started to see them featured in my magazines and today, I finally took the time to sign up for their newsletters. I have been married 37 years so I do not need Bridal but I sure do need a pair in peach or teal! Love them and thank you for the introduction. When the "Baby Prince or Princess" is born maybe Birdies will design a special "addition" to their family of styles.

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