My Wedding Invitations

Hi, Loves. 
Today I wanted to share with you our wedding invitations. We sent them out two weeks ago and we've been getting so many feedback from our friends and family about how gorgeous they are.  We did our invitations through Minted, as well as our Saves The Dates. If you haven't seen our Save The Dates, you can see them in this post here.
I wanted our Invitations to be simple and chic. A mix of contemporary yet classic. I did main invitation, reception card, envelope insert, envelope band, envelopes, and personalized stamps. It was super easy to create. I chose a foil-pressed design, input our wedding details into it on the website, and it came out great. Before I finalized the order, a designer emailed to make sure all information was correct. I even had to switched around a few things and add an important detail I'd forgotten. If you're good on timing, you can also request a sample before you make the final order. I trusted that they would have came out great so I didn't order a sample. I loved that I could personalize the stamps. I added L&K, both of our first name initials, to them. It was just too cute. I really loved that Minted has so many price points and also a one stop shop option for all wedding stationery needs. I will definitely be using them for my day of stationary and I will be sure to share them with you after the wedding. 
*Please note that I have edited out some of the important details/information on the wedding invite photos. This is just so that my wedding details is not out there before the wedding. After the wedding, I will share in a post all the details. 
Thanks for reading, loves. Remember to check out Minted for all your celebratory stationery needs. They also have art, digital and gift products. 


The #1 Gift You Should Put On Your Holiday Wish List

This post is in partnership with Acer, a brand I use and love. All opinions are 100% my own. 
Hi loves,
It's no secret that I absolutely love my Acer Swift 7 laptop. I’ve spoken about it a few times here on the blog. With the holidays coming up, I wanted to highlight that this laptop is my top pick for gifting and, is the gift you should have on your wish list.
It's my top pick because I love how it fits seamlessly into my lifestyle. I'm all about my hustle and business, and this laptop handles all of that. I also enjoy streaming content online during my downtime, and my Acer Swift 7 is fast, thin, and light, which makes it easy to use. I love that I can easily carry it around without feeling burdened. Sometimes, when I take a break from working, I'll walk across the street to sit by the creek and catch the sunset—and you’d better believe it's right there with me. I actually accomplished creating a holiday gift board filled with items I plan on getting my loved ones right there on my Acer Swift 7 while watching the sunset and bikers riding by.
If you've been trying to wrap your mind around what to get yourself as a gift, go ahead and treat yourselfafter all, you deserve it! If you have a friend, a family member, a child, or a partner who deserves an amazing holiday gift, this is it. I promise it'll fit right into their lifestyle. It's an excellent option for any age group, and they will thank you.
Thanks for swinging by, loves. 



5 Tips To Be Confident & Comfortable Expressing Yourself

This post is in partnership with Hanes, a brand I have always loved, worn, and trust. All opinions are 100% my own. 
Hi there, Lovelies:)
You know what is super important to me as a millennial woman? Being able to express myself and my individuality; This is something I pride myself in, and I always encourage others to do the same. Gone are the days when we couldn't express ourselves. If there is a time self-expression is key, it is now. I live for moments when I wake up in the morning and my fiance is getting ready for work and I'm getting ready for my day. I crank the music up, dance around in my Perfect Coverage ComfortFlex Fit® Wirefree Bra and Ultra Light Lace Hipster underwear while making the bed. That is me expressing myself in the presence of my fiance. Being a fun, independent, and happy woman. You should hear me singing with the toothbrush in my mouth while brushing my teeth-Haha!

I work from home most days and that also means I need to be comfortable. I'm always happy when I get to work from home. Days like that makes me think about how times have changed. I can lounge around on my computer wearing a Hanes Long-Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt and Cool Comfort Cotton Sporty Boy Brief underwear. I feel not only comfortable, but also confident while getting my work done and; celebrating a productive day. 

Hanes also keeps me comfortable outside my home. Of course wearing their amazing undergarments but did you know they have comfortable active-wear, like this ComfortWash Garment Dyed  Sweatshirt ? So, when I need to fuel up (aka coffee) or a little breather from working at home, I throw on my sweatshirt and head to my favorite local coffee shop to finish working or meet up with friends. I love comfortable and chic #ootd looks and pairing this sweater with my black ripped jeans and comfy shoes makes for one comfortable, modern look.
Here are my 5 tips to Confident & Comfortable Expressing Yourself:
1. Wear what feels comfortable for you- you may think you have to wear certain clothes just because it is trendy or what others' expect of you. You don't have to. Be yourself and wear what really makes you feel comfortable. It may be that you prefer leggings over jeans or sweatshirts over cardigans. It is OK!

2. If you've wanted to try something new-make-up, clothing, hair style. Ask a friend or family member you trust and who you know won't judge you for wanting the change. Have a conversation about why you want that change and be open and honest. You'd be surprised by how supportive that person will be and will help you build the confidence to express yourself. 

3. Sometimes, just go ahead and DO IT. Ask no permission, just take the leap and do something for yourself that will make you happy. It's a true form of expression-you are following your desires and no one else's. 

4. Sometimes we want to express ourselves but we aren't even sure why or how. This has happened to me and I find that writing down why I love myself and why I am worthy of fulfilling my own dreams helps. Seeing and reading these very same things I wrote down really boost my confidence. So yes, I'm going to post that bikini photo on Instagram or I am going to write a blog post wearing undergarments for the entire world to see if they want. If that isn't confidence, then I don;t know what is :)

5. Support others. Yes, genuinely supporting others will really make you feel good about yourself and this will lead to you feeling confident enough to express yourself. It's that good karma energy you will attract. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, loves.
Make sure you check out comfortable pieces from Hanes and join me in celebrating confidence.
I'm also excited to share that right now through 11/28/18, you can use code KEYMATEN for $10 off your purchase of  $60 or more on Hanes.com*
Don't forget to use #BeComfydent on social media so I can see your posts.

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A Shirt-Dress & Jeans Kinda Day

Hi Loves,
Somedays, I find it super hard to find what to wear. I know sounds crazy considering my closet is full of clothes. My grandmother used to say to me "Yuh have tuh much till yuh canfuse"-meaning I have too many options that all those options confuses me. Ha! She's a character I tell ya. 
Well, mama, it's still the same as an adult plus it doesn't help that I'm a true Virgo and even analytical about what I wear, when I wear and how I wear my clothes. I remember getting dressed this day early in Fall and the first thing I threw on were these free people jeans that I love so much. They are high-waist jeans and they always make me feel slimmer around my waist.
 I had put on a t-shirt with it but it just wasn't cutting it for me that day. I then put on a tank and a cardigan-nope still not working. So I reached for this army green button up shirt-dress I bought on sale during the summer and viola it worked. 
I was already obsessing over these heels since I got them back in September and I was happy they paired well with the look. They're so comfortable and has a pretty high gloss texture, plus they are under $50. 
So, here's my Shirt-Dress & Jeans Kinda Day look :)





Announcing The Newest Brightening Eye Cream From Olay

This post is in partnership with Olay, a brand I use and love. All opinions are 100% my own. 
Hi there, Loves!
I'm so excited to be maybe the first, to tell you about . I've been using it for about three weeks now and it's amazing. Olay is my overall favorite skin care brand, and while I do use other brands on my skin, I can always count on Olay to deliver the best products for every woman.
Now, this brightening eye cream came at a good time. About eight years ago, my mom introduced me to my very first eye cream, and it was an Olay brand. I mildly rejected the idea of an eye cream because what difference would it make, I thought. Well, thanks to my mom for being such a skin care enthusiast. I fell in love with Olay, and here I am today sharing with you, their newest one. I love that this eye cream offers a light formula of Vitamin C and Vitamin B3- both have shown to improve brightness and discoloration over time. I was more so looking forward to the benefits of brightness, especially since my eyes tend to go dull after a few hours. After going dull, they tend to develop dark circles with extended fatigue.  Every few weeks I have days where I I'm traveling or working non-stop and late hours.
I've added to my morning routine, and it's super hydrating and helps brighten my eyes for a full day ahead. I also loved that my makeup glided over it smoothly. I tend to wear less makeup on the weekends and after applying the eye cream, it blends great under my eyes. It gives them a pretty bright and  illuminating glow. By using this eye cream consistently overtime, it's said to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
If you've been on the lookout for an eye cream or thinking about getting into eye-creams, then here's your start. You can get it online or in-store at CVS. I'm excited to hear about your results
and how you like it. Use hashtag #heybrighteyes on social media so we can all see how it's working for everyone.
Hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful.
Remember you can always shoot me an email with your skin care question, comments or concerns @ (styleweekender@gmail.com).


The Cutest Satin Maxi Dress For Fall

Hi Loves,
So, when we think Fall we usually do not think of a satin dress, unless it's for a special occasion. Well, I wanted to share this super cute one with you that is extremely affordable, pretty Fall colors and, will be just perfect for Spring and Summer, too.  I love the army green mix with mustard. If Fall has a few must have colors, these colors or mixture of, are definitely must haves. I wore this look while in NYC last month The temperature hadn't dropped really low and so this simple biker jacket thrown over my shoulder did the trick. Now, this satin dress can be worn with an oversize sweater, a faux fur long coat and boots with stockings/tights. For those of us in areas where our Fall is not very cold, this dress is a must have. The fact that it is only $22.90 makes it even more desirable . I paired it with this super cute leopard heels that have become my newest pair of classic shoes. Why? Every girl need a pair of leopard shoes. Whether it's boots, sandals, flats, mules, sneakers...leopard is a classic print and always on trend. 


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