My Trip To Dominican Treehouse Village, Dominican Republic

Hi guys,

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I was in the Dominican Republic a little over a week ago. I had to write this detailed post to to share with you. I wanted to capture how I felt, and showcase my true experience as best as I can with you all. So here goes.

This was a trip exclusively for bloggers. I shared the experience with four other amazing bloggers and we all got to bring our significant others with us on this trip. The goal was to experience Dominican Republic in a non-traditional, yet traditional way. By this I mean, yes we were all tourists in a new country; but we were staying at the Dominican Tree House Village, which is not your typical resort, but in my opinion offered us more of a true experience than possibly any resort on the island could. 
Dominican Treehouse Village is nestled off the beaten path, journeying approximately three hours from Santa Domingo airport. The drive is lush, serene and absolutely breathtaking. It’s as if you’re teleporting in a time machine with the most amazing views, channeling through countryside, local neighborhoods and connecting with the culture even before setting foot on the ground. 

Upon arriving at the Dominican Tree House Village, the staff was very kind, assisted us with our luggage directly to the room and the fresh air was an added bonus. We were greeted with fresh juices and cocktails by some of the warmest humans I have ever encountered on this earth. I felt like I was HOME, visiting my favorite family members. The property is full of greenery all around and nature has never been more beautiful. The lobby area has large hammocks and beautiful wooden chairs for added relaxation upon entering. I could hear the sound of the beautiful waterfall which was probably only 70 feet away. Birds chirping and water flowing down the stream. 
Guys, I had to pause, reflect and engage in gratitude to have been able to experience the beauty of the Dominican Tree House Village, it’s surroundings, the staff and everything it had offered me within 30 minutes of arriving. I mean, what a blessing. 

We were taken to our room, a tree house! Yes, the entire property is all tree-houses and I felt as if I was in a Treehouse wonderland. It was drizzling but warm Caribbean drizzle that made me want to dance in it as if I was a kid again. Our treehouse was lined with curtains, a comfortable queen sized bed and a hammock. We had our own bathroom with communal bathroom as an option. All 3 nights were equally peaceful and relaxing. We could hear crickets outside as we fell asleep and the sound of raindrops in the middle of the night was most comforting. 
Our second day was packed with adventure. They took us out on an all day ATV excursion. We rode through the local towns including a fishing town, we went even more inland to see a beautiful river/lake. We got out took pictures and some of us swam. We then made our way to lunch and we had yummy Spanish rice with chicken, vegetables and fresh fries. Everything was just so flavorful guys! Once lunch was over, we made our way to the beach (remember we’re on ATVs as our mode of transportation- the coolest shit ever). We spent some time on the beach and then made our way by boat to another beach. The boat ride was freaking amazing. Bumpy and adventurous to say the least. We made our way back to Dominican Tree House Village, but just before our final ride off we stopped at a special area to catch the sunset. It was romantic, beautiful, and picturesque. Nothing could have prepared me for this trip. Even if I had high expectations, what I experienced would have easily surpassed that. Once we were back at our tree-houses we all freshened up and had a yummy dinner- all meals are prepared fresh. One of the volunteers  plays the most beautiful songs on his guitar. He sets the mood for a beautiful night with friends- not just my blogger friends but the staff who I grew to love quickly. 

On the third day we went zip-lining which was only a 20 minute hike above our treehouses. The view at the top was so worth it.  Zip-lining at that elevation and being able to see all the lush greenery, waterfalls, and nature, was one for the books. I’m not the best with heights, but I have zip-lined before and there was no way I was going to miss out on that beautiful experience. 
After zip-lining and lunch, we made our way to Samana beach for an afternoon swim and beach picnic. It was absolutely breathtaking. The beach was barely occupied and so beautiful. Beyond both sides of the ocean were green lush mountains which made for a perfect backdrop. 
We had wine, laughs, food, and an overall good time. 

We finished the day off with dinner back at the Dominican Tree House Village and a bonfire. 

What did I love most about my time?
  1. The fact that we got to unplug and relax without the constant indulgence of media and social media.
  2. The beautiful and friendly staff at Dominican Tree House Village 
  3. The fun and engaging excursions- my other blogger friends who were there before me got to do horseback riding and visited one of the most beautiful waterfalls. 
  4. Living in a Treehouse!! Duh!!
  5. The food. Everything was yummy. 
They also offer massage service and yoga. 
This place, Dominican Tree house Village will change your life. It’s a trip worth everything. I hope you visit and if you do, tell them I sent you. You’ll probably get extra special treatment. Hehe! Kidding, but not really. 

Till next time loves.



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