Inside Details On My First New York Fashion Week (NYFW)

(Jumpsuit: Asos, Shoes: similar here & here, Bag: Angela Roi, Belt: Asos, Sunnies: Madewell)

 Hi again, Loves!
So, many of you know I attended my first New Your Fashion Week (NYFW) that is if you follow me on Instagram. I remember when I first started this blog and I would see my favorite bloggers attend NYFW and I would say "oh how I'd love to go". Fast Forward to 2017 and I got the chance to attend my very first. NYFW is creme de la creme. I've been to LA Fashion Week but it's nothing COMPARED to how glorious and fabulous NYFW is. It was such a humbling experience. I had zero expectations because I wanted to soak it all in, ride the waves of what it is, and experience everything in its entirety.
There's so much to tell but I will round this post up for you with the intention of speaking to any aspiring Fashion bloggers/enthusiasts and those who just want to know what it is like to attend. I'll cover it under five sub-areas. 1.Where To Stay/Where I Stayed, 2. What To Wear/What I Wore, 3. Where to Eat/Where I Ate, 4. Events & Shows, and  5. Scheduling Your Time/ How I Scheduled My Time.

So, Let's get to it.
1. Where To Stay/Where I Stayed: Most of the shows took place at the Skylight Clarkson Gallery and it would have been wise if we stayed in the local area. We, as in myself and 4 other blogger gals. It was all our first time. We stayed at The Lexington Hotel which was about 15-30 minute drive depending on time of day and traffic. 
Pants: Asos in white here, Top: similar here, Bag: Sam Edelman, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Sunnies: similar here
(Jumpsuit: Asos, Shoes: similar here & here, Bag: Angela Roi, Belt: Asos, Sunnies: Madewell)

2. What To Wear/What I Wore: Since the Fall fashion show is showcasing the upcoming season (Spring) trends and designs some people feel the need to dress according to the upcoming season. It really doesn't matter in my opinion. Personally, I just pulled together what i was feeling like. I had no theme for Fashion Week. All I knew I wanted a variety of looks. I also considered that the weather would be mild warm to easy chill considering it was ending summertime. One major key though is to pack and wear your most comfortable shoes. If you look through each of my photos you will notice that my shoes are all comfortable. I either had flats, block heels or mid-high heels. Getting around NYC often requires lots of walking and especially for fashion week. 
(Skirt: Moschino, Shoes: Sole Society- loafers version, Top: similar here & here, Scarf: J.Crew, Sunnies, Bag: Chanel)
Skirt: J.Crew, Shoes: Ferragamo, Bag: YSL-similar here, Jacket: H&M, Cape Crop Top, Sunnies.

3.Where to Eat/Where I Ate: I had to include this because it's easy to get caught up in the motions of getting dressed and juggling from show to show and not eating. Also, NYC has some of the most amazing and picturesque spots worth taking the time out to stop for coffee, food, dinner or snacks. One major tip. Keep a few snacks of your preference in your hotel room or AirBnB. They will come in handy where there's not enough time to eat a real meal in between shows. In this world, changing outfits is so much more important than eating a strong meal. Believe me, I didn't eat a good meal for a full almost 48 hours because I was go go go. My body literally yelled at me, to feed it. I learned my lesson quickly and tried to keep fruits and snacks around to munch on. 
Top: T.J Maxx- similar here, Pants: Zara- love these, Shoes: Who What Wear, Bag: Milly, Sunnies: Madewell
(Skirt: Moschino, Shoes: Sole Society- loafers version, Top: similar here & here, Scarf: J.CrewSunnies, Bag: Chanel)

4.Events & Shows: Oh NYFW will have you swooning over all the fabulous events and shows. As bloggers/influencers we get invited to shows. I got invited to quite a few and some I didn't get to make since I didn't do the full fashion week, I did three days instead. Events are more like PR companies or brands putting on elaborate parties filled with drinks, food, music, cool art, fancy displays and a room filled with like minded creatives. My favorite shows were Alice & Olivia and Hakan Akkaya. Alice and Olivia is most definitely my style and the Spring collection is to die for. Hakkan Akkaya surprised me as it was a brand I didn't know about before and I absolutely loved all their pieces, both male and female. I also got to sit front row so that was exceptional. 
(Lulu's Party-wearing Nasty Gal bodysuit(old)- love this one, Helmut Lang shorts, Ralph Lauren jacket from my guy's closet, and Chanel bag). I met Michael Costelo and he liked my bodysuit (made my night!!!). 
(Front Row- Hakan Akkaya) 
(Backstage Tome Show preparation with Aveda)
Getting my hair done backstage by Aveda for the Public School show.
Dress: (Aqua) Bloomingdales, Shoes: Asos, Bag, Angela Roi, Sunnies: Madewell, Jacket: Ralph Lauren- borrowed from my guy- similar here

(I wore this look to Alice and Olivia Presentation) A presentation is different form a show. At a presentation  models are already out, standing beautifully in the clothing and we get to walk around and look at every single piece in detail on the model's body. It was so refreshing at the Alice and Oliva presentation. 
Top: T.J Maxx- similar here, Pants: Zaralove these, Shoes: Who What Wear, Bag: Milly, Sunnies: Madewell

4. Scheduling Your Time/ How I Scheduled My Time: Oh this was the hardest thing to do and it was hard for many reasons. One, you can never have full control over traffic. Two, while we're there to enjoy these amazing shows and festivities sometimes we have commitments to either stream social media content in live form or capture details to share later. There's at times give and take that we all agree to in exchange for services. Three, running into other bloggers, lunch meetings, coffee dates, PR visits. It's not all fun, as a business person I personally try to balance it all and for trips like this, business come first. I have friends and family in NYC that I couldn't even get 5 or 10 minutes to see due to commitments. To make getting around easy I scheduled all of my daily activities on my calendar app. This included address, person to contact, and special notes etc. The train system of course is immaculate in NYC so getting around is easy especially if you have a knack for directions. I am totally not your directions type of gal. I get lost so so easily so I used Lyft the entire time. I got on the train once because all my roommates were travelling together- I couldn't get lost with 4 other girls now could I?! hehe!
Finally, #Girlgang #Squad is so important. NYFW is not a solo go place or event. It's just no fun to be solo-ing all by yourself with all the amazing things happening not to share it with anyone. I met these beautiful babes on Instagram. Some I have been friends with for a while and some are new. Nonetheless, I felt like I've known each of them forever. These babes, Candace from The Beauty Beau, Jessica from Miss Moore Style, Lee from Legal Lee Blonde and Lily from Hello Darling Blog, these girls were my posse. We all stayed in the same hotel and 4 of us shared a room. It was like were sisters. We shared make-up, clothes, food, laughs, plans, and joys around being an Influencer/Blogger. My squad totally sans my blogger bestie Ravayna from loveRavayna. You can go to each of their blogs by clicking the links I embedded under their blog names to read their NYFW stories. You'll really get to see it form all our angles. For example, Lily has lots of street shots you will enjoy. 

I do hope you enjoyed reading this post.
Till next time, Loves. 


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  1. What a great time surrounded by other creative designers and friends. Oh, so jealous you were part of Alice & Olivia Show and party. I love their couture and every collection you chose for the days' events were magical on you!


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