Where to Stay In Tulum, Mexico

Hi there, Loves. It's been a while since I wrote a post. I must apologize. So much has been happening in Style Weekender world ya'll. So much but in a good way. This blog has literally changed my life and I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for you my readers and for all the amazing blessings in my life.
Now, If you follow me on Instagram- I'm more active there by the way, then you I visited Tulum, Mexico over the summer. While I am still composing a full post regarding everything Tulum, I really felt this post about my stay at Nest, deserved its own post. I travelled with my guy and we spent 4 nights at Nest Tulum. To date, this has been my favorite stay at any hotel while traveling. My goal for Tulum was to get there and get out and see as much of it as I can. Upon checking in at Nest Tulum, all that changed. I suddenly just wanted to stay on the property an not go anywhere or do anything. I'm not that type of traveler. I'm usually the kind that wants to immerse into the culture and engage in every single activity there is to do.
Nest Tulum is a boutique hotel and boasts nine gorgeous rooms. This makes it very intimate. It adopts a true simplistic lifestyle through its decor, service, food, and sustainable efforts. I'll go through each and tell you what I thought. 

1. Service: The service was absolutely amazing. I literally have zero complaints. Upon arriving we were greeted with lemon infused water and warm smiles. We were escorted to our rooms, given a brief overview about the property such was breakfast time, bathrooms, cabanas, towels, reading materials, bikes etc. Upon entering our room we were so in awe. For the first two nights we stayed in the Tower and second two nights we stayed in the Garden Suite. I enjoyed the Tower room so much. It's definitely one of the best if not the best room on the property. It has a partial ocean view and a beautiful roof with hammocks and full ocean view atop it.
2. Food: The food was absolutely fresh and delicious. All this was prepared and served out of a tiny kitchen. It's always made fresh and filled with flavor. My guy and I compared everywhere else we ate in Tulum and nothing compared to Nest, seriously. Even if you do not stay there, on your visit, I recommend going for lunch or dinner. 
3. Decor: Nest has a simple, clean, yet very modern style. It's absolutely an escape for those looking for a romantic trip or merely solitude or simply the best vacay ever in Tulum. The decor embodied simplicity with hammocks all over the property. The ground is well kept, they even sift the sand to remove debris for their guest to walk comfortably. The rooms had fresh peppermint body washes which I was obsessed with and extra heavy duty (more than likely locally sourced and made) blankets. Water is a short commodity on the Island and we were given a jar of water each day. They ask that you do not waste water or electricity. I thought that was pretty cool considering our environmental issues. I happily obliged.
4. Beach: Nest is located on the beach and they have the most beautiful and comfortable cabanas for their guest. The service of the staff is impeccable as you lay out in the sun or on the cabanas. The beach is beautiful and pretty much private. I went in the height of summer and there was not one day that the beach was crowded. 
5. The Rooms: The rooms had fresh peppermint body washes which I was obsessed with and extra blankets. Every room is unique and no two rooms are alike. We stayed in the Tower and Garden Suite and both were absolutely amazing. The garden suite is definitely great for a group. It even had an extra area, an attic like space with a ladder to access up there. There's also balcony access in both rooms we stayed. It was just so peaceful and relaxing. 
I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that I have convinced you to stay at Nest Tulum. Nest Tulum is now at the top of my list of any hotel to stay. I had an great time in Tulum and I can honestly credit Nest as a big factor of my pleasant experience. 
Have you been to Tulum? Any dream for goals of attending? Stay tuned for my Tulum Travel Guide. 

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  1. WHOA! This is mind blowing! Amazing captures! I am so tempted to get there now. Those sea hotels are unbelievable.


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