3 Things I do For Myself Monthly & You Should Too

Hi Loves,
I'm finding that sharing more about balanced life rather than just what i'm wearing is actually more fun for me and has some sort of meaning. Of course I love telling you about my sales and clothing but I've found more passion in sharing with you what adds to my quality of life in hope that it will inspire you. Also, I'm open to hear what you are into that's adding value and quality to your life. Comment below at anytime or email me. 
So, three things I do monthly for myself, and you should too. 

1. I get a Facial- yes, I know it is very vain but hear me out. Your skin is what you live in. You show up and so does your skin. Of course I am obsessed with skin care (go to beauty tab to check out some of my faves and recommendations). I get a facial once per month because it really helps me to feel better about my skin. My face feels great and looks great for the most part. I've been doing electrolysis for over a year now so I do have a few spots on my chin but that's expected until  I am done with the treatment. Other than that, I can attest to my skin being healthy, through continued home regimen and a monthly facial. I'd say research a good local place or ask a friend for recommendation. They tend to be costly but try this-I will bring lunch to work for two weeks straight or cut back on eating out to balance out my facial money. Try that!

2. I rearrange something in my home. Sometimes, I move a chair, add a new vase or change cushion covers. Something, anything! You'd be surprise how your mood changes when you change up your home. Remember you live there and it's the same old vibe over and over. Change up your vibe monthly even just a small change and see how it affects your mood, positively. 

3. Take a long drive (car, bus or train), unplug and relax. You can do this with a friend, family member, significant other or just yourself. Unplug from work, social media, life's stressors an just live for a few hours in the moment. This really helps to balance your mind and rejuvenate your spirt. 

Deets on my look:

I wore this look for a quick dinner with my guy. No make up, just some lip gloss and I felt refreshed. Pants is from Who What Wear at Target, hat is Forever21, tank is from Duluth Clothing, Sandals are Fenty Puma, Jacket is William Rast, bag vintage Louis Vuitton, and sunnies Kate Spade. 
Hope this post was helpful



Finding Your Power & Making It Work For You

Hi guys, 
Hope all is well with you. Today, I wanted to touch on a little motivational topic. I titled this post "Finding Your Power & Making It Work For You". In my circle of close friends and family, I am the one that pushes everyone. If my zodiac sign has anything to do with it (I'm a Virgo) then i'll give it credit of helping me to be a good motivator- that is my power. I see the power in folks they don't see in themselves and I always try to find ways to ensure they see that and encourage them to embark on it. Your power doesn't have to be tangible. Most times it is quite the opposite. Maybe you have  knack for telling stories in the most theatrical way that engages those around you or maybe your spirit is so calming that it helps those around you to be at ease and calm. We don't get to step out of our own bodies and see who we are and our impact, or the beauty your 'power'. Everyone has a "power" and it's up to you/us to center ourselves, pay attention to ourselves, and find it.

Now, how do we make that power work for us? Two things, you can build a business or brand out of it or you can simply know it, use it for the greater good. To build a business will take a much more invested dive. Maybe you consult a life coach or someone of similar standing to help you there. I just wanted to let you all know, you have a 'POWER' in you. Now, go find it and make it work for you. 

Outfit Deets:
Summer is coming to an end and I had wore this dress a few weeks back. I actually got it from Amazon. My sunnies are Ray-ban, sandals form a Jamaican Designer- Briget Sandals and bag Rebecca Minkoff. 
Have a beautiful week, Loves.

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